Big Ten Discussion


I don’t care for any of them, but that is just me.


Of the new formats you are experimenting with, I like this version best.


Not intuitive at all. Sorry. What is the blob? The circles?


Haha fair enough. It is a distribution of EFG% across division 1. So the white dots are each team, the blob is a violin plot to represent the distribution.


Edit : asked and answered.

I like this graph a lot.


I like it. Could be nice to have a blue box for Big 10 average and another dot for national average in each to help with comparisons.


I actually really like the graphs with the circles, think it tells more of a story. The violin graph is kinda clunky for me.


I know Penn State offense sucks, but I’m thinking seriously about taking those 8 points today vs MSU.



MSU has upcoming stretch of 4/5 games on road with a home game against Maryland.

We’ll see how they come out of that schedule.

Plus their last four games are MICH - INDIANA on road, followed by NEBRASKA - MICH at home.

Good luck Izzo’s.


That’s rough. Gonna see a good amount of Gabe Brown today. I’ve been pretty impressed with Ahrens this season.


I’d bet they win all or at least 4/5. They are a top 5 or 6 team in the country in my opinion.


Interesting note that’s definitely been brought up as an anecdotal observation, but the Big Ten is 2nd out of the 32 conferences in 3PA/FGA so far at 33.6%. The best? Those Ivy League geniuses at 33.3%.

Michigan is 4th in the NCAA. Stanford is 1st.


B1G road games are no picnic. Big challenge if Langford misses all those games.


Wow, Michigan St. still looking really good


Penn State is definitely losing this game by 20+


Laid off the +8 thankfully. Penn State with no shotmakers just fuels MSU break.

Plus they pound Lions on the glass. Phone it in.


Watching Penn State fire up threes is so sad to watch. No chance.


Gotta be Chambers swan song season.


So what’s the argument that some of you are making that MSU isn’t very good? They look the part right now.