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Well, it’s a highlight reel. Happ went 12-23 last year against Wagner and Teske, with one offensive rebound. Meanwhile, Mo went 8-14 for 20 and Teske went 1-1 with 2 offensive rebounds. The game was over in the first half.

Wiscy could beat Michigan, of course, but they don’t particularly scare me right now. They’re certainly not playing well at the moment, having just lost at home to Minny and Purdue



These at all useful?


I think I personally prefer the format that puts the Michigan offense next to the opponent defense in bar graph form and vice versa for the Michigan defense and their offense. Kinda like the graphs for-in game stuff like the OSU-Iowa one you just posted if you get what I mean.

edit: actually if you did this format, but put kinda followed the above suggestion by putting the opposing defense/offense right next to our offense/defense I’d like it better.


The bar graphs work for a game, but have never made much sense to me to use for a preview.


Go with your gut :slight_smile:


Haha, not sure these are the charts I want to use. Have a better idea that I’m hoping will work as well.


I like it, even though it looks a bit goofy. I don’t like the preview bar graphs. Mgoblog used them for years and they’ve never done anything for me. Difficult to read/comprehend IMO.


If there was a way to add D1 average or something like that (maybe big ten average at this point in the season) just lightly overlaying it for context I think it’d be better.


They are all percentile graphs not the actual number. The idea is to graph how good they are at each thing rather than the actual numbers because those are different in terms of some times high is good and sometimes low.

Or do you mean something like this where the 50/100 is the percentile.

Also I’m not sure they need the color since it is already graphing the percentile.


Oh ok, I didn’t read the intro enough and thought they were just placeholder numbers for the actual FG%, ORB%, etc. That’s basically what I thought was missing regarding context, so never mind about that. I like the original examples better than the ones you just posted now that I understand fully.

I think it’s good, just really hammer home in the description that it’s percentiles. It could get a bit confusing without that. Colors aren’t necessary, but I’d keep them because it just pops more.


Yeah, I didn’t like those at all. I know Ace put a lot of effort into making them and putting a relevant photo as the backdrop but I found them confusing to understand and not helpful.


Back to the game, oof. OSU looking brutal since the MSU game.


Yeah, not a good stretch for OSU. Now gets MD, PU, @Neb, @Mich. Promising start but really need to right the ship quickly or could be looking at a 7-game losing streak.

I like the graphs with the percentile lines. Maybe color could represent something else? If you did them postgame, they could be how the numbers compared to the team’s normal output.


Here’s a similar thing I’m playing around with… shows how Michigan stacks up in all four factors offensively.


Take a guess, who is the last big-tenplayer to score 2000 points in a career for men’s basketball?


Another random example… Here’s Illinois in both formats:

Dunno if either work :slight_smile: Just messing around on a Saturday afternoon.


I think I like the top example better. I can’t really give a reason though, so kinda unhelpful. Sorry.


I think I like the most recently posted ones the best. I don’t think the green/light green/yellow color code is necessary when the radius of each segment indicates the percentile and the team colors are more aesthetically pleasing imo.

I also think the 50 and 100 lines are better than without them. I would say they definitely give more clarity to someone looking at the graph and trying to understand it. Imo it looks a little sloppy without the 50 and 100 reference lines. Almost like having a standard x-y plot and not labeling the y axis.


Here’s where I’ve gotten to now, still tinkering.