Big Ten Discussion


Ugh. Gross. Those shots along with Evan Turner were devastating.


That was the “Death To Backboards” game. Crisler was electric for that entire possession and then went dead silent aside from the Wisconsin players and fans. Just brutal.

That was a long, rough drive back home to the west side.


I thought that shot buried Michigan’s tournament hopes too. I was devastated.


JMo was there for all of them


EDIT: Wait no, that’s Trice.


Davison was born to play 4 years at Wisconsin.


Just another in a long line of annoying Wisconsin guards.


I thought our first loss was going to be at Wisconsin. After watching this team tonight I’m changing that to at Indiana.


our game at Kohl will be dumb, guaranteed


Does anyone remember how Teske handled guarding Happ last year? If he can guard him solidly without a double team, I’m not sure how Wisconsin scores points


Painter might be putting a data point in the “foul” category. And he did.


That win was huge for Purdue but also very helpful for Michigan. Thank you, Boilers.


I feel like Livers and Johns would be better defensively on Happ. He’s closer to a Juwan Morgan mold in that he can take bigs off the dribble pretty well and Teske and Davis struggled defending that vs Indiana. Although Happ doesn’t shoot 3s


Wisky will be a game where Davis 5 fouls come in handy


Teske handles ISO situations pretty well in my opinion. Gave up .875 PPP versus Morgan according to the Mgoblog breakdown from today.

I think Happ will just bully Livers and Johns pretty easily to get to his spots. I’m sure they won’t get roasted, but Happ just keeps working until he gets to his spot directly in the middle and just throws up his hook. Teske’s size, lateral agility, and general defensive ability make him a good matchup, IMO.


Looking at these highlights, Happ destroyed Teske last year:


I feel like Dylan/every reader on this blog keeps waiting for teams to foul X and put him at the line, to close out games. But it hasnt happened yet. I’d think the Michigan staff is smart enough to hack Happ if we find ourselves down with 3 minutes left.



Thanks Reegs, what a great shooting team we had last season! Ethan Haap is a good player and gets to the rack with ease. I don’t know if Teske can slow him down but Big John is better than he was. I’ll be watching to see if Charles or others can help out on the backside of the play…should be a great game. IMO you let him get his two”s and shut down the three ball.


Teske is moving his feet on defense much better this year than he did in that video, so hopefully that will make a bit of a difference. But Happ is tough.

Watching that, it’s always remarkable how much body contact Wisconsin gets away with at home.