Big Ten Discussion


Trevion Williams is gonna be a dude in the B10 for 4 years


Davison just got an insane charge call


And then promptly ties it with a 3


Carsen Edwards!


Edwards heard Brendan and Dylan shittalking him :open_mouth:


Oof and then airballs the gamewinner


Trice wtf?!?!


What a horrendous decision


What in the hell was Carsen thinking pulling up from just inside half court with five seconds left?!?!?


That Trice banked three was disgusting


Should have used the screen and pulled up from there. Maaaan


Classic Wisco


Purdue not switching everything on that last three by Trice was coaching malpractice


What was the name of the Wisky player that hit the half courter to tie the game against us? My mind is confusing all of them


Hey now… I said that Carsen gets too much trash for his offensive decisions because his teammates are not good. But his defense is bad. That shot was not a great decision though I won’t defend that.


Ben Brust.


my skin crawls just hearing the name


Did Josh Gasser hit a buzzer beater against us too?


Happ took at least two steps on that inbounds pass. That should have been a turnover.


That was the bank shot at Crisler.