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Seems like an odd thing for Richard Pitino to be worried about on January 10th.


I could see how it’d get old if you had to constantly watch them instead of participate in them.



Nice article on Yaklich:


Wisconsin -3 at home against Purdue tonight… am I missing something with that line?


kenpom line is 5, Torvik is 4. With Purdue fighting for its life this early in the league 3 seems reasonable.


Computers and people still seem to like Purdue. I’m not one of them. Give me Wisconsin in this spot.


Not much talk about the other game tonight, Indiana @ Maryland, which I find quite a bit more interesting. If Indiana can steal it they’ll put themselves in a nice position in the conference.


Maryland is -5.5 tonight, if you’re into that sort of thing


Listening to her shriek was awful. :clap: :raised_hands: :pray:


Remember ya’ll, we created a whole thread just for speculation about Michigan-Michigan State matchup.

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Try to stick to the rest of the Big Ten, or games that are in the near future here.



Agreed but I’d be nervous. I like Purdue a bit. I like their sets often and guys get open at least in the three games I’ve seen, just not hitting them.


That looked terrible when it occurred. It sounds like it’s not as bad as it could’ve been, which I am glad to hear.


IU all over Maryland early. Terps can’t keep a handle on the ball.


IIRC, the issue with Eastern was that he wanted to play PG and Beilein didn’t see him as one.


Don’t think Nojel Eastern is a fit at any position at Michigan.


Trevion Williams is going really good


UW - Purdue has been a great game


Maryland looks to be third best team in BIG next power ranking. Cowan and Fernando are two very good college players

Five takeaways from Michigan's win at Illinois