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Lol. It’s kind of puzzling to me. We must be watching different games. He’s far from flawless, but he’s a rotation player on the #2 team in the country and doing a serviceable job (advanced metrics show remarkable similarity between Z and Eli, though Z obviously plays 2x more minutes),

I think he’s going to have a nice career by the time all is said and done.


Brooks has been growing on me quite a bit compared to what I thought of him coming into the season. I like what he provides to this current team. And if he can make the developmental improvement in the upcoming offseason for next year I think he will be a pretty good player next season too.


I agree - I think his growth this year has been palpable - he appears pretty confident with the ball, defends hard, and has hit some shots.

I still cringe when I see him handling in a press/trap situation, but he’s a solid rotation player.

I can understand feeling some apprehension looking ahead to next year if we lose JP, but I think Brooks can continue to improve and should be solid as an upperclassman too.


Eastern isn’t a guard, so I imagine that has more to do with “taking Brooks over him” than anything else - we probably wanted a guard.


Given what the insiders were saying about that recruitment expect a very angry Eastern and co. showing up at your door any moment for that :joy:

Brooks isnt perfect, but he’s a great combo guard to be able to bring off the bench to play 20 minutes at either posisition if foul trouble dictates it.


Agree with this and @wolverheel message completely.


Brooks just needs to hit some threes (40%) and he will be ideal for his role. Unfortunately he hasn’t been able to accommodate. I swear 70% of misses are half way down. I’m a big Eli fan


But neither is a good passer; Edwards because he is (often) unwilling and Nairns because he just wasn’t good.


OSU down at the half to Rutgers. Perhaps a let down game after an emotional loss on Saturday.


So hard to win on the road.


First B10 win over a ranked opponent for Steve Pikiell



Steve Pikiell is a REALLY good coach.


I swear the announcers were saying it was his second…but I was also discussing decorations with my wife so maybe I didn’t hear correctly.


He came into an absurdly difficult situation and is making very clear progress with the team. Good for them.

However, given his inability to coach offense I view their ceiling under him as “annoying team that knocks a few big teams off occasionally but doesn’t reach the tourney.” He has my respect as a transition guy, but perhaps they’re still one away from making the step they most desire.


Bingo, great fit for the current make up imo


Nice win for Iowa minus Cook.



Andy Katz just made a video about the top 5 venues in the B10 and didn’t list Assembly Hall.


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