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Matthew McQuaid is Liam McPoyle


Insane that Purdue isn’t pick and popping against Ward


Feel like Cassius has just figured out how lethal his hesitation move is in the last few games



Carsen Edwards is actually shooting like Tum Tum :frowning:


Nigel Eastern is just painful to watch. Did we seriously recruit him?


I understand Edwards has a green light and normally needs to score to give Purdue a chance to win, but he literally shot Purdue out of that game. The shots he was taking were terrible. Even for a high degree of difficulty shot maker like him. He should’ve been patient and swung the ball for teammates, or fed Tre Williams inside because Williams was pretty darn good tonight.


He played a horrible game.


Was it Eli Brooks who people were mad we spurned him for? I’ll take Brooks on this roster any day over Eastern.


Idk about that. Having elite size in our backup PG would be pretty nice. For all of the talk about being an elite shooter, Eli certainly hasn’t shown it. He’s also a below average finisher.


Maryland with two road wins with a really young team.

‘‘We just keep getting better. Don’t sleep on the fact that when we made our run we had four freshmen on the floor,’’ Turgeon said.


UM’s Jordan Poole adjusting to life as marked man


Always leaned toward John Cera.


Nojel Eastern is below average at both.And he definitely couldn’t play off the ball with Simpson.


Nojel Eastern is a PF tbh. Zavier Simpson has no jump shot to speak of, but Eastern somehow is a step below him at shooting. He’s 40% at free throws. He has an assist rate of 12.8 and a turnover rate of 23.1. Brooks’ are both at 17. I don’t think Eastern works with this roster at all.


Eli is shooting 54% from 2 this year, Eastern 56%. Eli might not be an elite 3pt shooter, but Nojel is shooting 0% from 3 and 41% from FT – he’d be unplayable next to X – while also having a lower assist rate and a higher TO rate. Who knows what he’d have looked like here, and maybe playing next to Edwards is changing things, but watch him play, I don’t really think PG either. Certainly doesn’t seem like a Darius Morris type that might have been contemplated.


Didn’t know that Eli Brooks had so many haters.


He does seem to draw a lot of criticism. Somewhat surprising when you consider the lack of expectations he had coming in, and that he’s surpassed them to become one of the few trusted enough to participate in the rotation. Maybe it’s the hair.


His shot is there, he just needs to settle/slow down when he shoots it.