Big Ten Discussion


KenPom line is MSU -8. Dylan just thinks that Purdue should be 20 point dogs in every game. :rofl:


Both games are very interesting. These are the kinds of huge swing games for teams like Minny and MD.

The MSU number seems low, but I think Purdue might be a tough matchup. Someone has got to cover Edwards and they are already depleted in the backcourt. Purdue loves to get up 3s and MSU is only okay at preventing them. And besides against us, PU hasn’t lost big all year.


Langford still out I take it?


Yes he is.


I will take Minnesota and I agree the MSU line seems low, but I just have a hunch Purdue will keep it close.


Izzo compared Carsen Edwards to Tum Tum so it’s only fair that Carsen goes for 40+ as a result


“He’s just a bigger Tum Tum with a lot different jump shot.”

Uh oh.


He said that???


Maybe it was a joke account? I will double check.




Can’t wait for the game!!!


Tum Tum’s defining traits are defense and not being able to shoot. Carsen Edwards’ defining traits are NBA level off the dribble jumper game and little effort on defense.

I guess they’re both short? But then Izzo even says Tum Tum is smaller!

What a wild comparison. Izzo loves him some Tum Tum.


I guess this means Carson Edwards isn’t god but he’s close


I think the quote was supposed to be complimentary of Edward’s leadership?


Fast forward to Izzo’s preview of Michigan: “Brazdeikis reminds me of Ben Carter but a better dribbler and not as good in the middle of a zone.”


Tom, aside from them both being not very tall and being quick, there are almost literally zero similarities between the two. But I guess we now know why Tum Tum got so much playing time while in East Lansing.


Has Edwards been regarded for his leadership in his time at Purdue? The previous two seasons the Boilers were full of upperclassmen. He seems more like the quiet, go about your business type (NTTAWWT).

I guess there was that instance in the Big Ten Tournament where he took it upon himself to calm down Matt Haarms… :joy::rofl:


So good… “relax”



Cowan is so quick.

Maryland might play a lot of zone against Michigan. It has helped them in this game