Big Ten Discussion


PSU getting destroyed without Pat Chambers on the bench.

Also, just noticed that Dave O’Brien is on the call. Will he be calling more BTN games? I know that Robbie Hummel does games for both BTN and ESPN and I would welcome O’Brien getting some run here as well.


Nebraska, who many thought would be a contender, has dug themselves an early hole. They needed to pick up one of those road win opportunities.


I get that Wisconsin is due for a bounce back today, but I got a feeling this is the beginning of the end for Chambers/PSU. They look like they have quit and their next 2 games are @ NEB (pretty much a must win for Nebraska) and home vs. Sparty.

The one thing that they have had to hang their hat on during the Chambers era is they play HARD. If that is gone, its not going to end well for them this year.


After how hard they played against us on the road, it is surprising to see them lay an egg at home against a beatable Wisconsin.


it is what happens to a middle pack team of a deep conference, the entire season collapses after missing a few breaks.


Chambers has been kept way too long. I know psu has been historically bad in basketball but with the resources and location they have there is no reason why they shouldn’t be a 1 out of every 2 years ncaa berth type program.


Agree on resources, but location: eh. I enjoyed state college when I visited, but it is middle of nowhere. As much as any where in the eastern us is middle of nowhere compared to our west.


No doubt it’s in the middle of no where, it is still close to a ton of talent hot beds though.


But these talents are also in the big east country.


They also have one of the worst basketball fan bases of any major conference team. I know the Amaker era Crisler atmosphere was brutal against low level teams, but Penn State manages to be lower than even that.


Being historically bad doesn’t help recruiting. Based on location alone, Rutgers should be much better, but neither school seems to put many resources into basketball. Chambers’ predecessor quit to take the Navy job.

Chambers signed a four year extension this year. PSU is the only Big Ten school that won’t release their coach’s salary, but you can bet it’s near or at the bottom.


Did not know about the extension. Maybe that will buy him some time. But with the suspension and the team chemistry/effort level being questionable moving forward plus the fact they just are not that good will not equal a good year for them. I could see them entering the Rutgers/Illinios tier when its all said and done.


Top 40 2019 Center Kofi Cockburn just committed to Illinois. I guess he sees an easy path to immediate playing time?


I’m 99% sure he’s the one who put “Im bored” on his Snapchat story while on his Illinois visit, which was for the Florida Atlantic debacle. Not sure what to take away from that lol.


I’m exhausted from some of the tired back and forth that some people want to have about Pat Chambers (a week after the incident). The suspension is done and it won’t have any impact on the Big Ten race. Let’s take a step back here and focus more on the league and the actual basketball.


Maryland @ Minnesota (-2)
Purdue @ Michigan St (-7.5)

I’d probably be inclined to take the favorites in both of those games.


I’ll take Maryland +2 and MSU -7.5


Love Michigan State -7.5. Seems too low.


Sparty getting no respect.


I suspect it has more to do with Purdue’s high KenPom ranking that just won’t seem to drop.