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Punched him in the kisser


Holy FT rate…


Michigan-IU is the national TV game today, but I’m really curious to see how Wisconsin at Penn State and Nebraska at Iowa play out.

Wisconsin and Nebraska were thought of as potential contenders but have slipped up a bit. Both are narrow favorites on the road… can they get the job done? If not, they start to look more like bubble teams than contenders.

I know it is very early, but this could be Nebraska’s 3rd league loss.

On the flip side… if Iowa and Penn State both fall to 0-4… it is a long road back.


I’ll take Nebraska and Penn State.


The lady that is screaming every time Illinois has the ball is so freaking annoying. Stop already!


I like Nebraska -2


Worse than that banshee in the Michigan band during our tourney run last year?:joy:


As bad or worse!! I don’t understand what possesses a person to believe that shrieking does anything to affect the actual game. The only thing it does is make you look like a jackass.


That’s a tough emotional loss for Illinois. Could’ve had some momentum ahead of Michigan coming to town but now have to rebound after an already tough season.


Meh, I think it definitely can. People don’t use the shriek appropriately though, you gotta use it as a device to startle rather than distract and scream right as they shoot. I appreciate some constructive fan participation, it’s like when you’re in the bleachers and catch a foul ball that’s already gone over the fence to prevent the opponent from snagging a foul ball out or rob a home-run.


Seth Davis says MSU is the best team in the conference and will win the Big Ten. Then unveils his top 10 teams in the country and has Michigan above MSU.


Seth Davis is basically a message board troll with a TV camera.



Basketball name of the century


I think Illinois has reached the “get the boosters on the phone” point


He seemed like a good hire coming out of Oklahoma State. I guess he just didn’t mesh with the guys he inherited at Illinois.


Nebraska… :-\


Classic Mim Tiles



Just gonna come down to those two UM and MSU matchups at this point.