Big Ten Discussion


Neither of these teams scare me at all. Sticking with my preseason 20-0 B1G record. Minus injuries.


Cassius suddenly very effective


Cassius is ballin, that hesitation is lethal and opens up everything for him


I can only imagine what Tom Izzo said to Cassius Winston at half time based on his interview heading into the locker room. Whatever it was, it is working. Winston with 11 second half points on 5-of-6 shooting and a pair of assists.


Told him he loves him.


terrible fourth foul by Kaleb Wesson.


And that’s game


Make up calls coming…


Washington JR so much more ready to play as a Frosh than DeJulius


So Kyle Young can apparently do that.


Great coaching move by Holtmann to get Wesson back in. Ride him for as many minutes as he can give before fouling out


Yeah that shocked me too - I was really high on him during recruiting period though, thought we had a real shot at him. Who did we “end up” with instead? Livers?


Spartans get huge road win and I lose my bet. BOO!


Refs really lost control of this game


Livers indeed. I think both teams are happy here.


Agreed, Tillman in that mix too (along with a few other 4/5 options). All going to be remembered as important players where they landed



I thought OSU missed Jackson guarding Winston in the second half. Also, it seemed like Winston was given more ball screens in second half and he just killed it. Great performance by Winston in the second half.


Obviously its early, but this msu win makes me think we need to split @iu and @wiscy


Rutgers was leading Maryland 15-12 and now trails 33-17. Impressive stuff.