Big Ten Discussion


Buckeye offense is awful. They aren’t putting MSU into any tough situations


Hearing Roundball Rock for this game feels so jarring.

IMO, MSU is playing much better than OSU is right now. The shots will fall eventually.


Nick Ward is one of the biggest fake and shameless floppers basketball has ever seen.

It is just unbelievable to me that officials fall for his stunts.


Dylan called that one ahead of the curve.


Feels like MSU is going down today.


What an unbelievable play by OSU as Washington hits a 3 and the crowd goes wild


At home, without Langford, OSU “should” win


Andre Wesson was clearly out of bounds :rofl:


Just stopping MSU from racing down the floor after made baskets for easy looks is huge. Not sure why any team allows them that but so many do. Holtmann has watched the tape.


Damn, thought we were going to have a good old MSU floor slap at the end of the half there!


Cassius Winston is so much less effective against quality competition it’s jarring



At the 10 minute mark I actually thought he was injured. But, I think he was so exhausted his legs stopped working.

OSU guards seem to be defending him well. You can’t let Cassius get momentum as he drives. Need to try to keep in bogged down.

Ditto for Nick Ward against good competition (thanks Reegs) . How big is Wesson? Ward does not look that big against really big strong guys.


I know it’s early, but I couldn’t pass up OSU at home +2. How was MSU favored on the road without Langford?


Kaleb Wesson makes most guys look small. He’s 6-9, 270.


Kid is a load! Loved that 3!


KenPom line is MSU -2, so matching Vegas. I’m also not sure if Langford changes much for MSU. He has very little to do with why MSU is good.


I got in at OSU +2. Langford’s 15 points a game is a HUGE LOSS for MSU.


Kaleb Wesson is going be a major pain in the ass, no nba upside so he’ll be there for 4 years


Very hard to guard Michigan’s offense with a plodding back to the basket big man.