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OSU is a team that I wish I knew better, but havent seen much of them. Any chance some power-rankings with enlightening stats/profiles are on the queue?

-signed, a spoiled fan


Yeah, planning on getting those back up to speed. Was tough during December because just wasn’t a whole lot going on.

We talk a lot about the Big Ten on the pod too.


With that I agree, Holtmann > Miller, all day. And that obviously goes for Matta as well (at least at the end).


Appreciate it. And definitely enjoy the B1G content on the pod


Speaking of OSU, I am thinking that Saturday is a huge early game for both MSU/OSU, but also by extension Michigan. I am thinking as a Michigan fan we have to be rooting for OSU to protect home court, especially given how good State has looked lately we have to root for them to lose whenever possible. If MSU loses, that essentially gives us one up as we don’t have to go to OSU. Plus, I think the Indiana/Nebraska/Wisconsin 2nd tier took a bit of a hit these past few days/weeks where those may not be as daunting of games for the top tier as previously thought.

My thought is root hard for OSU tomorrow, or is that flawed thinking?


Rooting Guide:
Tier 1: Michigan, MSU
Tier 2: OSU, Indiana, Wisconsin, Nebraska
Tier 3: Iowa, Purdue, Maryland, Minnesota
Tier 4: Northwestern, PSU
Tier 5: Illinois, Rutgers

Root for the lower tiers in cross tier matchups, root for home teams in same tier matchups.


Yep. MSU is by far our biggest threat for the title



Wow. Watching live I thought it came off as a little excessive but I didn’t expect to see a suspension come from it. I do understand having zero tolerance for getting physical with players though.


I don’t think it is accurate to frame it as the result of zero tolerance for getting physical.

There is a whole range of acceptable and unacceptable “getting physical”.

It is a line drawing issue.

I would have never thought that he was anywhere close to crossing a line of behavior that would warrant a suspension but I am not in charge of setting the standards or defining what society considers appropriate.


As I posted in a thread yesterday, being physical with a player (especially out of anger) is never acceptable. I think the actions by Coach Chambers after the game and today are an acceptable response and the action taken by the university today is appropriate. Hopefully, this is case closed.


I accept your opinion that this was an example of inappropriate (and punishable) behavior to you.

But, saying it is always inappropriate to get physical with a player when angry is not meaningful.

Is it a punishable offense to be angry and to place your hand on a players shoulder?

It is a line drawing issue.


I think if you’re an older person (like me), you probably feel that the suspension was unwarranted. When I was kid, coaches, parents and teachers would grab you and get right in your face. No big deal, it doesn’t mean they were abusive. These were just the standards of the times. Things change.

Personally, I would rather grow up in the 60s than today. :slightly_smiling_face:


I predict this will be wholly uncontroversial and no one will have an opinion one way or the other.


I think that in this case you may have to consider the school’s history as well. I know it was a long time ago but psu has to have keeping their coaches in check as a top priority for the sports department.


Hey, I’m on that side here as an early 20’s guy.

What I will say is that in today’s society I see why it was a suspension. Whether I think it’s a positive thing for that to be the case? I’ll keep that discussion off of here, I had similar thoughts on the Bacari “suck my dick” thing and that conversation went haywire. I’ll just defer to Bob Dylan.


We didn’t have mandatory reporting laws until the mid 60s, so adults could pretty much get away with whatever they wanted. Not saying what Chambers did was abuse, just that acceptable attitudes and actions are much different. And for every kid that was okay with being grabbed or hit by teachers, coaches etc, you might have a kid that did not end up okay with it.

Personally, I think it’s a very good thing that he was suspended. I don’t think Chambers is a bad person. But you should never touch another person when you’re upset, particularly if you are in a superior position (coach, teacher, boss).




Iowa, your defense. Woof!