Big Ten Discussion


Wow, Happ is 1-8 from the line. That’s crazy.


And they’re all misses right out of his hand. Not even close, really.


Is this the biggest road win in league play so far this year?


Not over yet - amazing that they conceded such a wide open 3


I thought maybe Wisconsin’s win at Carver-Hawkeye was the best before tonight. After watching Iowa get annihilated by Purdue and Wisconsin miss everything in sight…I’m not sure if either road victory is impressive!


I think Wisconsin is over rated. Don’t think they are the 3rd best in the league as many think.


This was the 2nd easiest game remaining on Wisconsin’s schedule


And I could easily see them losing at PSU in another slopfest.


Does anyone know where the Curry kid from Clarkston ended up after decommitting from UM? I thought he signed with Wisconsin, but I don’t see him on the roster.


He’s at Wisconsin.


I feel awful for Happ in this press conference. He hasn’t lifted his head the entire interview. Awkward and painful to watch.


I don’t know why y’all are so quick to write off Ohio State. They’re playing some of the best basketball in the country (albeit against an average schedule).




Yeah that’s tough to watch. He’s a young man who is very hard on himself. Damn I hope he can get some redemption down the line.


I was never in favor of sending players from the losing team to meet with the press right after a game. Save that for the pros.


Hindsight but Gard should not have exposed Happ to that imo


Pretty terrible question there too IMO. “They were trying to make you earn them from the line, is it as simple as hitting the shots to make teams not do that?”

No shit.


The eye test. If OSU ends up near the top of the B10, then I’d suggest it may mean that the B10 isn’t as good as we thought. I’m already having that suspicion.


What we are learning about OSU is that Chris Holtmann is a pretty damn good coach, IMO.


I agree about Holtmann. You look back at what he did at Butler and now OSU and it’s pretty impressive. I wonder if Illinois contacted him before hiring Underwood.