Big Ten Discussion


Wisconsin and Iowa not exactly looking like Top 25 teams in the country tonight


what is the big ten record of the lowest points by a home team at the half?


And just like that, Wisconsin has already nearly doubled their first half output in five and a half minutes. Now only down six.


Still down 6 with only 5 minutes to go.


We had 18 vs Holy Cross


(That game never happened in my mind)

But in all seriousness, completely forgot it was 18.


I’m not saying Ethan Happ is overrated; I don’t know what he’s rated, but he has a lot of holes in his game. Foul shooting, touch around the rim, slow feet, limited range. Then he does a lot of good things and is a stat stuffer. I’m torn on Ethan Happ.


I actually think he has pretty good feel around the rim. And he may be slow but I also think he’s pretty nimble/crafty when it comes to maneuvering around the basket for layups.


It’s insane how terrible a coach Ricky Jr is. His teams regularly feature the offensive chaos of late era Amaker squads. No plays, no ideas, no actions to get anything. Just late shot clock panic. Every time I see his team play, I’m even less impressed with Ricky than the last time. Even down to McBrayer not knowing to foul Happ. That’s who this Minn team is.


I’m guessing that Pitino will get out coached in the final 2 minutes.


They will win by luck/in spite of him - that’s their only chance.


I like Coffey quite a bit. Not a great shooter but knows how to get to the basket and seems like a good defender. It’s too bad he’s coached by a buffoon.


He does a lot of really good things around the rim… brought Wisconsin back tonight with a steal and bucket then blocks a shot, followed by two bricks at foul line. He confounds me.


Wisconsin looked awful on those last two possessions.


I was thinking of him specifically - imagine choosing to be coached by a guy who is bringing so little to the table. This is exactly the only way they could have pulled this out - some luck, some chaos, some mistakes by the other team, some athleticism. But having such a teacher for our squad, I just feel sad watching some guys have these years squandered by Ricky P. It’s how I felt a lot during the Amaker era here.


The foul shooting is something that we agree on 100%. As a senior it’s beyond puzzling that he’s still only shooting essentially 50%. The story on him is that he was a guard and then hit a huge growth spurt which has allowed him to continue to be a good ballhandler. However it evidently turned his shooting form to absolute sh…


Was it Dylan who said “some team outside of Michigan will win the B10”?

If so, that take is looking ROUGH right now with Nebraska and Wisky messing up their starts


I can’t see either Wisconsin or Minnesota beating Michigan…even when we’re playing down to our competition.


Smart play fouling Happ.


It is incredible that a guy who’s game is obviously so incredibly well crafted - the result of so many hours of work - couldn’t fix this one crucial thing - particularly for a big who draws fouls.