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Nick Ward had an unbelievable half


Xavier Tillman is just a fun guy to watch compete. Knows his role and compliments his teammates.

Nice college player.


21-30 from the field for MSU in the first half.



Will this year follow last year’s script and see MSU down by 20 at the half?

EDIT: Meant as a reply to Dylan’s tweet.


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Big slate tonight: Penn State at Michigan, Minnesota at Wisconsin, Illinois at Indiana, Iowa at Purdue.

Will we see a road win?


Iowa is the best and only real feasible game imo that the road team wins


Minnesota could have a shot at Wisconsin.


RE: road wins, I’d order it this way, from most likely to least likely:

  • Iowa at Purdue
  • Minnesota at Wisconsin
  • Penn State at Michigan
  • Illinois at Indiana

(I put PSU/Michigan higher than Illinois/IU only because Illinois is terrible. I think Michigan wins tonight.)


Iowa is +10 at Purdue and Minnesota is +9.5 at Wisconsin. I’d take the points in both


Iowa +10 seems like a pretty big number.


Wow Illinois up 10 @ Indiana at the under 8 timeout


And now it’s tied at half.

Purdue up big on Iowa.


And Iowa still plays no defense.


Wisconsin down big to Minny at half


Meanwhile Wisconsin just scored 14 points in a half, at home, against the fighting Pitinos


So far, so good.


I hadn’t checked scores until now, I legit laughed out loud seeing 14 total points. FOURTEEN AT HOME.