Big Ten Discussion


Iowa being at home throws me off a bit. If it was at ISU I’d say ISU in a blowout, but I’ll say ISU by single digits.


Iowa State is playing without a couple of their better players in that game including Lindell Wigginton.


I know they added shayok and Horton but I didn’t know they were playing that well. Still feel like that’s a tough game. I’m probably putting too much faith in Iowa and minny being good this year but oh well.


Wheeler for Purdue is a nice little player. Hustles, athletic and can hit a three. Looked good at the end of the Michigan game and looks good tonight against Maryland.


Purdue might be starting 0-2 in conference play. Would be a big road win for Maryland.

Iowa up 10 on Iowa St as well


Why does Edwards still have his first name initial C on his jersey? Habit? Superstition?


Some awful Maryland possessions down the stretch here.


Yes, wasting too much time getting the offense started.


Edwards has 18 points, but is only 4-15 from the field.


Morsell is doing a great job on Carsen. And Cowan is doing a great job on Cline.

Easy to isolate guys like that defensively because the other three guys on the floor aren’t much of a threat.


Joshua Langford wants to know why Cowan didn’t hit the backboard there.


The way the Big Ten season is starting out, it feels like 5 teams will end up going 13-7, five will go 7-13 and the rest will go 10-10. Protect home court and grab a few road wins when you can.


You forgot one team going 15-5. :smirk:


Five teams made it through the first two games of Big Ten play undefeated: Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Ohio State and Indiana. Michigan and Ohio State are the only two teams out of that undefeated group to beat a conference team that won its other Big Ten game.

Feels like these are the top five teams in the conference too… Maybe an argument out there for Nebraska?


One of the Iowa State players is wearing some kind of virtual reality headset.


Feels like old times. I’m not sure Indiana really is up there with 2 2-pt wins, though their win @PSU is a good one. Of the 1-1 teams, Nebraska probably has the least impressive win, and Purdue has the best loss. I’m not ready to discount Purdue from that second tier - if they’d won that game against FSU things might look pretty different right now. Michigan, Wiscy, and MSU seem like tier 1 to me.


I’m skeptical of Purdue, but like Painter. To me, they feel a lot like Michigan last year right now. Some nice pieces, but some issues to figure out.

Iowa en route to another nice win for the Big Ten at home against Iowa State.

The league is deep, no doubt about it.


Has the B10 ever had 9 teams make the tournament? Probably not even close, right?


Believe 7 is the most and it has happened a lot.


I’m sure Purdue would love the comparison to last year’s Michigan team. I could see them going a lot of different ways, I’m just not ready to count them out from ending up with a solid season.

Iowa might be a team of match-ups and high variance this year. Some beat-downs and some good wins. They also might suffer in conference with coaches that know them better.