Big Ten Discussion


I personally do not think Collins is a very good coach. Just a decent one. Their one tournament run was pretty lucky and then they crashed back down to earth last year. He does seem to be getting a better talent level coming in now, but his actual coaching acumen remains to be seen. I think Michigan fans overrate him because we struggle against them so much for some reason.


Compare Iggy with another highly touted freshman: Miles Bridges. Iggy is way ahead of Bridges as a freshman. And probably ahead of Bridges as a soph as well :slightly_smiling_face:


OSU down 4 at the break


This OSU/Illinois game is just brutal fo watch. Sloppy, referees are whistle happy, all around rough.


Funny that Holtmann was T’d up for arguing one of the few correct non-calls of the first half


I think I agree. I didn’t want to suggest he’s on the hot seat at all, but at some point the honeymoon of the NCAA Tournament has to wear out, right? Vic Law and Pardon are super talented, but unless you get a guy like Turner or Taylor to start clicking, I’m not buying that that’s even a bubble team. That would make two years in a row where NW has missed the tournament badly with veteran leadership, which is not a great look. That said, I’ll be frantically knocking on wood until after Michigan’s next match-up with NW.


Amir Coffey whistled for 2nd foul, waves off substitution from Richard Pitino and then commits another foul on the next possession.


So things couldn’t be smoother at Minnesota I see.



Nebraska sure knows how to throw away a game on the road. Coffey has been unreal, though.


Will someone win this or someone blow it?


Nebraska needs this to register their first B10 road win versus a KenPom top 69 (nice) team since Jan 1, 2017


Hard to win on the road in the Big Ten.


With one game to go (Maryland at Purdue) in the December slate, the home team is 8-5. According to KenPom, the most impressive road win has been Indiana at Penn State, though Wisconsin rode their win at Iowa to a ten spot gain in the AP poll. Needless to say, a Terp win in West Lafayette would be huge.


Really intrigued by this Maryland/Purdue game. I believe it is the first time Maryland has left the state of Maryland. Not really sold on them, but as somebody noted after our Purdue game, they could be set up for a free fall.


Iowa a 2.5-point underdog at home versus Iowa State tonight

Purdue an 8-point favorite at home against Maryland


I have zero idea how that Iowa game will play out


Vecenie does an expansive explanation of his Iggy ranking in the comments, and I generally agree with him although I feel better about Iggy defensively than he does.


There’s still work to be done in the non-conference, starting with the Hawkeyes tonight (KenPom prediction for B1G team in parentheses):

Iowa vs Iowa State (-1)

Spartoons at Florida (-1)
Michigan vs South Carolina (+17!)
Wisconsin at Marquette (+1)
Indiana vs Louisville (+6)
Nebraska vs Creighton (+4)
Northwestern vs. DePaul (+8)
Maryland vs. Sister Jean (+7)

Purdue at Texas (+1)

Ohio St vs UCLA (+3)
Indiana vs Butler (+1)
Nebraska vs Oklahoma St (+5)
Maryland vs Seton Hall (+8)
Purdue vs Notre Dame (+7)
Northwestern vs Oklahoma (+2)
Penn St vs North Carolina St (-2)
Penn St at Alabama (-1)
Illinois vs. Missouri (-1)
Rutgers at Seton Hall (-6)

As of this morning, KenPom ranks the B1G as the second strongest conference, closer to the #1 Big 12 than the #3 ACC. With 4 B1G-Big 12 games and a pair of B1G-ACC games left to play, the rankings will change.


Hmm using my wtf is that line theory , give me Iowa st and Purdue. I still like Iowa’s team but that’s a bit odd to me. Personally I like purdue In that game , at least straight up. Despite the scoreboard I thought Purdue was better than I anticipated. They ran some good sets and did it effectively imo, but missed a lot of shots they could/ possibly should have made. They got some nice looks on us.