Big Ten Discussion


Fran’s son is going to decommit if this keeps up.


Hawkeyes have the worst Big Ten defense in terms of points in the paint and 2nd worst transition defense – awful combo against MSU.


Yep. But even they expounded on their ineptitude last night. Ward-Tillman were 15-16.


Feel like Lamar Stephens neeeeds a touch there


We’ll be talking about Michigan obviously… but tough week for Northwestern. Lose two Big Ten games by 2 points where you have a chance to win at the buzzer and Ryan Taylor’s shot rims out.


Difficult starting out 0-2 in the Big Ten, especially when one is a home game.


Difficult to have to play two top half league teams too.


I hand’t seen then play this year but thought their roster looked solid. After seeing them yesterday, I like them even more. I wonder how they will do this year but maybe they could play themselves onto the bubble? Any thoughts?


I think this would have to be the year because they lose quite a bit (Law, Pardon, Taylor). What’s their recruiting been like?


#40: Matthews

#50: Iggy


This past year (2018) was supposed to be their best ever recruiting class. They had a consensus 4 star guard named Jordan Lathon who was going to be their new PG. They revoked his offer in May and the kid ended up at UTEP.


Iggy on this list


Wow. As I watched Iggy last night play really good defense and drop a few nice assists to his teammates I said to myself: Iggy is not just playing like one of the best Freshman in the big ten. He is not even just playing like one of the best Freshman in the country. Iggy is playing like one of the best players in the country!


The right hand shot from behind the basket was a sight to behold. He made it look routine


What’s the story there? That’s a significant drop-off from a middle-of-the-road Big Ten team to a C-USA bottom-feeder.


I believe admissions were revoked or something along those lines.


Yes, Northwestern revoked his admission and scholarship. Afterwards he got interest from lots of Power 5 programs: e.g. Louisville, Iowa State, Butler, Illinois, DePaul, Oklahoma State, Oregon State…

UTEP has a new coach, hired away from Fresno State, and is doing a huge rebuild - they currently rank 342nd in experience according to KenPom. Lathon has started every game and was the KenPom MVP of UTEP’s only win over a D-1 team so far, Northwestern … State.


Can we talk about Collins a bit? I think he’s a solid coach and has recruited well, which is really impressive at NW. That said, he loses a lot heading into next season as well. Could he leave Evanston for a bigger job in the near future? Or do people think he’s holding out for the Duke job when Coach K retires? The other caveat is that could he jump straight from NW, where he still has a bit to prove that he’s not a one-season wonder, to the biggest job (arguably) in college basketball.


I like both favorites on the road tonight… someone convince me otherwise. Nebraska -3.5 at Minnesota and Ohio State -5 at Illinois (United Center).


I love Nebraska, as well @umhoops.