Big Ten Discussion


I believe Hoiberg lives in Minnesota too.


Hoiberg inherited a nightmare at isu from mcdermott and isu is not easy to recruit to so the the transfer route was the quickest way to build the program. At a program level above isu, I think he could adjust to building a program primarily of high school recruits. I know he hates recruiting but so do most coaches, as long as surrounds his staff with good recruiters he would be fine. As a head coach you can get away with sort of just being pseudo closer and not blowing up recruits phones like an izzo. Not all successful hcs, Beilein, brey & few for example, are relentless recruiters involved in the daily interactions with recruits.


PSU opens as a 2.5 point favorite on IU tomorrow. Juicy.


I looked it up when thinking about this, but apparently it dropped from $10.2m this July to $9m next July, and continues to “decrease annually.” I couldn’t find an exact number.


Luka garza may put up great offensive numbers but he is beyond awful defensively


he’s also a hopeless doof with two left feet


Iowa is just broken. Missing wide open threes all over


Iowa not even competitive. Misread their mission statement.


How about that? :beers:


Good call Dylan!


Wisconsin has no way to defend vertical attacks to the rim


I was really unimpressed by both Iowa and Wisconsin when they played each other the other night.

Also, is it fair to say that if you’re badly coached and you don’t know how to play MSU, particularly how to defend them, you’re going to get drilled?

I don’t find MSU’s parts that impressive and I think we are very very well constituted to matchup well with them.


What the hell, Rutgers up 5 at the half!


I feel dirty hitting the MSU over against L’Ville and again tonight. That one took OT and there were a number of garbage-time points tonight.


Tell me again why Iowa was even ranked?


Because they beat Oregon… who lost to Texas Southern. :wink:


I heard it discussed on the podcast (which I thoroughly enjoy, BTW) that Iowa’s house of cards is about to come crashing down and it seems like that is the case. Fran doesn’t exactly have a track record of rallying his teams when things go sideways. Could be good for them to step away from B1G play but they got more work to do than a typical “top 15” team.


1 of 9 Big Ten games decided by 4 points or less. A lot of good teams, but maybe a bit of a false bottom that still has to settle in the league.


True, but outside of that there were still some close games. Rutgers lost to Wiscy by 5, PSU lost to Maryland by 7, and Iowa lost to Wisconsin by 6. I think it’s a sample size thing and we’ll see it start to normalize by the end of the week.

Although I still think Iowa was just legitimately super overrated by the polls and is going to be closer to a Minnesota level team than anyone at the top of the league.


Who had Kenny Goins and Xavier Tillman combining for 33 points 22 rebounds and 8 assists vs Iowa?

Not to mention Wards 26. Their bigs produced 59 points. Shot 21-27 combined.