Big Ten Discussion


I though Iowa along with minny and Wisconsin were sleepers in the big ten coming into this year so their early success makes sense to me. I think their a top 25 team personally, but I get why you might not like them.

I hit Iowa over Oregon pretty big and convinced my buddy too as well. Oregon will be a nice team with king late in the year imo but yes it looks better on paper now than in reality.

IF the line was smaller like even 7 or 8 I might like Iowa to cover or win but that line makes me question myself hard and I think I’m with Dylan that Michigan st wins big. The lines makers know more than me and I trust they suspect a big beat down.


I think that’s a fair point, but we had two tough games against NW last year and they didn’t score much in either one.

The question will be whether we can crack their halfcourt zone, and whether we can create transition offense through great defense.


Get that money @slyboogie2!


Trying, I’m currently in transition (edit:I’m terms of bookies. Lol that sounded odd) and I’m in a state where it’s illegal. Going through my buddy is a pain. I love trying to catch the early season games before everyone adjusts.


I’m not in transition. But I do have an opinion on what will happen tonight, and I think Iowa is going to scrap pretty hard in hopes of avoiding starting 0-2 in conference. They may not win, they may not cover, but they’re going to bring it.


Iggy just named Big Ten Freshman of the Week and Poole Big Ten Player of the Week!


As we speak of Hoiberg, how many Big Ten jobs do we think are open at the end of the season. Do we think over or under 2.5? Minnesota, Maryland, Nebraska, and Penn State all could see openings. Also, I’ve seen some annoyance from Illinois fans too about Underwood. I think that’s crazy early, but when does he go on the hot seat?

I’ll take the under. I think Chambers HAS to be done, but all three other coaches will do enough to save themselves. Miles is next on that list though, if Nebrasketball has another collapse and misses the tournament I think he’s out.


I would guess that any of Iowa, Maryland, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Penn State will fire their coach if they don’t make the tournament. Nebraska looks like they will make it. Penn State and Minnesota look out right now but have a chance, Iowa and Maryland are on the right path but have time to screw it up. So I think 2.5 is where I’d put the line as well. Not sure if it will be 2 or 3 though.


If I was in charge at Penn State, Iowa or Minnesota I’d be evaluating other coaches closely…


I’m curious if McCaffery’s well regarded sons could buy him an extra year? Total speculation on my part but Connor seems like he has a good future and Pat is ranked 69th (nice)


I agree that Fran should be on the hot seat, but I think he has at least one more season after this one. This is my rankings of teams from least secure to most:


Every other team I think is pretty safe/happy with their coach.


Minnesota looks the most likely to me. But if all those jobs were to come open, Maryland would be the best one to take IMO.


The talent has been solid the last 2-3 years and they’ve done squat. With the rest of the conference, outside a couple teams, looking good, I just can’t get on board with them doing much of anything this year.


I think McCaffery and Miles will do enough to survive and then Miles will be fired two years from now. TBD on McCaffery.

Turgeon, Pitino and Chambers are all dead in the water, IMO.


It’s amazing that Chambers still has a job. 7 seasons and no NCAA berth, only one Big Ten finish better than 10th.

Hopefully Hoiberg comes to the Big Ten - fun brand of quality basketball. MD does seem like the best job, though Hoiberg may have more Midwest connections and not sure they fire Turgeon, especially if he makes the tourney.

Minny seems like it could work. Underwood’s buyout would be huge, so I don’t know that Illinois is an option, though they’d probably love to do it and it would make sense.


I don’t think PSU is a good program, don’t think it ever will be to be honest, and I won’t blame them at all for firing Chambers.

With that said, I don’t know what it is about him (and Miles)…I’d be totally fine having my kids play for either coach!


Whichever the younger one is I really like his game.


Not the best thread for it but speaking of gambling … who do you like in the college football playoff? I’m thinking bama giving the points and Notre Dame getting them.


Doesn’t McCaffrey have a huge buyout? I think we went over this last year and figured the buyout keeps them from making a change.


Early reports have Hoiberg wanting to remain in the NBA but given his history at Iowa State with transfers and the current situation with so many transfers it would be interesting to see how he’d manage a college roster.