Big Ten Discussion


Yeah, from his perspective he is probably looking at our recruiting class, scratching his head, wondering where the Greg Oden types are…


The big 12 is ranked higher. Every year the big 12 seems to be hyped and considered the top conf outside of the acc and sometimes ranked even higher. I don’t get it. I do well in brackets going against the big 12 schools almost every year.

How could you look at the big ten and big 12 and have the latter ranked higher?


After all, the Heels had better athletes than Michigan at pretty much every position

I’d argue in terms of athleticism…
Simpson > White (definitely quicker and he has a huge vertical iirc. 7th is more athletic than both though).
Poole > Williams (I’ve never seen Williams come close to the posterization Poole had against PSU last years and Poole has a much quicker first step).
Matthews > Johnson (obvious)
Iggy/Livers > Maye (again, obvious).

Center is the only position that I 'd say UNC has an athletic advantage.


Basically, the B12’s biggest strength is having 10 teams. They have no boat anchors. If you drop Rutgers and Illinois from the B10, then the B10’s average conference strength would jump the B12’s on KenPom.


Pretty sure that the college hoops coverage at The Ringer is heavier on narrative and jokes than facts :slight_smile: I did chuckle a few times reading the story though.


Interesting to see ESPN prop up the Big Ten like that when they have reason to be higher on the ACC since I believe they’re about to start running the new ACC Network soon.


BTW, these are BartTorvik’s numbers without preseason projections:

Thought this might be of interest


That number two defense though…


No chance that 46% free throw defense regresses! NONE!


Agreed. I’ve noticed this year that Rutgers put a lot of work in the offseason in that department. You can tell the players have new trash talk and quips to rattle the opponent who is about to shoot. The crowd’s chants have noticeably improved from last season. I don’t see any way that creeps above 50% this year barring awful luck against them.


Much like we give credit to Camp Sanderson, I think you have to give the Rutgers staff some credit for the slight flaws in the glass on the backboard, a smudge here and there if you will, as well as great rim and net maintenance.


For fun, here’s what the top 15 looked like at this point last year:


Michigan all the way down at 75 in that snapshot. Crazy. (Or not, since they didn’t start playing really well until later in the season.)


That’s actually fairly predictive already - 9 top 3 seeds plus another couple who went to the Sweet 16.


This as well:



I’m really interested in the Wisconsin-Iowa game tonight at 8. I’ve been lower than most here on Iowa so it’ll be interesting to see them against a team that I feel more confident about.


Halftime update: I’m very underwhelmed by both teams.


Indiana didn’t make me feel particularly great about picking them to win the Big Ten :rofl: but held on to beat Northwestern at home.

Juwan Morgan left with an injury late as well.


Injuries caused a lot of issues there though, to be fair to yourself.