Big Ten Discussion


Fair and agreed the sheer numbers tend to indicate the same thing my eyes say which is “The B1G is better this year than last year.”

I was just poking at some points that I would expect would reduce some of those increases because we’re in November vs. full season records/statlines for last year. But a change from say 12 top 50 teams to 10 top 50 teams by the end of the season (for example) would still be a drastic jump compared to 5.

A lot of the conference have already had good starts despite some potentially disappointing ACC-B1G results (thinking OSU road wins in particular here).


So Michigan’s defense is a team effort, but having two B1G contenders led by players who completely dominate their offenses can’t help but shine a spotlight on some individual matchups. When Purdue is here, the Edwards-Simpson battle should be something to watch. When we see Wisconsin, keep an eye on Teske defending Happ. Edwards and Happ are each in the top 10 nationally in percentage of possessions used.


I’m also interested in the Haarm’s Teske battle



MSU -8.5 at Rutgers is not what I expected to see


Aligns with the KenPom line of MSU -8


Go Rutgers!


I thought the same thing at first. Then I recalled that Rutgers played MSU really tough last season, and coupled with MSU’s road loss to Louisville and Rutgers’ road win at Miami, it probably makes sense.


“In other words, Michigan’s basketball program is everything that Michigan’s football program wishes it could be”


Oh god. Here comes The Ringer Curse.



Northwestern and Penn State in the next four out too. Seriously impressive how deep the conference may be this season.


Your thought does make sense and I could see it being a very ugly game. But if I was a betting man I’m taking State -8.5 all day long.


I love Titus, but he called our recruiting class “underwhelming” right before proclaiming Iggy to be Wagner in disguise. He’s the only one significantly contributing, but it was the 12th rated class in the country according to 247.

I suppose I should focus on all the positive things he said about us rather than the one negative lol


“After taking the first eight minutes of the game to properly calibrate the torture chamber that is their defense, the Wolverines absolutely suffocated one of the best offenses in college basketball…”

There might be something a little bit off with me but I really enjoyed this writers use of metaphor.



FWIW… I’m a bit skeptical on some of the HoopLens numbers early in the year. Think they are a bit skewed by the freshmen coming in late and games and really struggling. Not that Michigan hasn’t been good with Iggy on the court.


We are a much more athletic team than he thinks. I really don’t think unc is more athletic.


That jumped out at me too, but then I realized “underwhelming” to Titus is probably anything outside the top 5 ranked classes.


Yeah I found that line odd too. Kenny Williams, Cam Johnson and Luke Maye certainly aren’t the most athletic trio of starting wings in the country