Big Ten Discussion


Looked like just a cramp for Morgan, though



Tuesday night at Northwestern is going to be the one I can see tripping them up.

For whatever reason, Northwestern always seems to give them trouble. I can see it being a bit of a letdown game in a quieter environment.

If they go out and get the W (expected but could be a trip up) then look out. Going to be a while until we see an L. Going to be huge momentum in the Big Ten race as well, with the opportunity to rattle off some Ws in conference given the way the early schedule looks.




Archie is raking in the talent. That kid is legit. This conference is going to be very tough soon with the way Ohio st and Indiana are recruiting.


Maybe JJJ got a lot better since April. :slightly_smiling_face:


For northwestern how has Kopp looked? I really liked his game when we were mentioned with him and I saw some film. He would have been a nice add for us.


Not great. Not bad


OSU is destroying Minnesota. The Buckeyes look pretty good defensively.


Minnesota is pretty bad. Hard to believe they fired Tubby Smith the season he got their first NCAA Tourney win since Clem Haskins was the coach. Can’t imagine Pitino has much longer if they can’t get to the tourney this year.


I think when curry gets back they will be good. The talents solid, pitino not so much. I’m impressed Ohio st beat them that bad.



Villanova and Purdue couldn’t even crack 60 points against us. Do you expect Northwestern to do better?

I think this fanbase still doesn’t appreciate how difficult it’s going to be for ordinary “pretty good” teams to beat us with our defense playing as well as it is. Defense travels and it rarely has off nights. It’s not like previous years when our D was soft and a cold shooting night could have us in trouble against anyone. This year, we could have a bad night shooting 3s and still wipe the floor with a team like Northwestern.


Call it the Football Effect™.


As long as Northwestern doesn’t have a hot shooting night and we are cold.


Fred Hoiberg was just fired as the Bulls head coach.

My guess: he will be coaching the Gophers next season.


How likely is it that NW is going to have a hot shooting night? They only have one decent 3 point shooter, and they’re 33% as a team, against pretty unimpressive competition so far. I’d give them maybe a 1% chance of having the kind of shooting night they’d need to win, and even less for their holding us to a bad shooting night on top of that.


Are you putting tons of cash on Michigan then? Kenpom only has Michigan as a five point favorite for this game and I’d imagine Vegas has it somewhere in the high single digits.

Look, you’re preaching to the choir on a lot of your opinions. However, one thing we haven’t seen yet from this team is going out on the road and winning a game they should. Playing at Northwestern is dull and can lull you to sleep but their team plays hard and they’re still ranked #29 on defense (Kenpom).

One reason why I have such confidence in this team to be great is they’ve already proven they turn up their game when the lights are brightest. That’s not the case tomorrow night. It’s a weird December road Big Ten game.


Cite, please, Ken Pom’s predictions for the Villanova, North Carolina and Purdue games. Then we’ll talk