Big Ten Discussion


Dang that tie-up is a great call. Cline made it way too easy


Purdue trying to blow this game.


well dang. get Carsen the ball


Purdue chokes the challenge away ugh


I blame the conference L on OSU. Losing to Boeheim at home, as the favorite, is a no-no


So Purdue has to play until almost midnight in Florida, lose a heartbreaker and turn around and start conference play in Ann Arbor two and a half days later? Shout out to the schedule makers!


Hadn’t thought about that. Makes me feel much more confident. UNC had a similar tough trip coming into tonight


If they fly tonight they get back on campus by around 7am at the earliest. The entire day Thursday is shot so that basically gives them Friday to get ready for Michigan and then have to travel again on Saturday morning. That’s crazy.



Big Ten and ACC might have dueled to a draw in the Challenge, but the Big Ten moved ahead of the ACC in KenPom’s conference ratings.



Gotta love Dickie V emphatically including the SEC with the ACC and B1G as the top 3 conferences.


Did he not mention the Big 12?


Nope. He said something along the lines of "no doubt that these two conferences and the SEC are the premier in college basketball, baby.


Dicky has to pump up his true loves. Duke, UNC, Kentucky and MSU.



Wisconsin’s portfolio is so strange. Basically everyone is low usage except for Trice and Happ’s 36%!!!


Trice is shooting 60%(!!!) from three (24/40) but only 37% from two (16/43). Obviously those will both revert but man, I would force him (and Davison) to put the ball on the deck if I’m an opposing coach (or Zavier Simpson).



Given all that is going on, this is great news. Michigan has gotta be playing for a 1 seed at this point and given their marquee non-con wins, should be undefeated out of conference and a strong B1G will really help that cause come tournament time.


Isn’t there something to be said for the snapshot in time when Tier A is defined in this case? Also some factors like who the single plays are factor in I would think, no? Not trying to cheapen the stat (the B1G is better this year), but just some possible caveats that come to mind.


Well there are 12 top 50 teams in the Big Ten right now on KenPom. There were 5 last year.

Some teams will shift around a bit, but that’s a pretty huge hike.

League graded out as a +13.76 last year compared to +16.48 (average AdjO and AdjD margin of the whole league).

A lot of the non-conference heavy lifting has been done already and for the most part I’d expect league play to not move teams around that much.