Big Ten Discussion


Looks like Iowa’s defense is back to last season’s form. Zone is bleeding open looks.


Davison drawing 4 offensive fouls in one game and further cementing his status as most hated player in the B1G

edit: sealed the game with a 5th


Davison is a professional flopper. Ridiculous.


Didn’t watch the MSU game but just checking the box score…looks like Winston and Langford finally cooled off a bit? Kenny Goins 0 points on 0 shot attempts and 17 rebounds???


Cooled off is an understatement I think. Winston had a couple stupid fouls.


Iowa and Wisky come through late in each of their games. By my count the challenge is tied up after day 2.

EDIT: That’s premature, but I am expecting the Duke win, shrug


Davison doing his best Aaron Craft!!


Played better after this, but Pitt could not stop turning the ball over.


Home team has won 7 of the 8 games in the challenge thus far… except, funny enough, Nebraska (who didn’t have a quality road win all last year).


An interesting stat so far. Lots of close games as well so far in general.


My picks for tomorrow:
OSU -5.5 vs Syracuse
Michigan -3 vs UNC
Rutgers +11 @ Miami (Miami to win)
UVA -3.5 @ Maryland
Purdue +4.5 @ FSU
Georgia Tech +7.5 @ Northwestern (Northwestern to win)


Boeheim with the transition glasses and low-key, wry smile, continues to look more and more like Jack Nicholson



Rutgers! Legitimately big win for that program on the road


Maryland held up better against Virginia than I thought they would


OSU losing at home hurts. Michigan winning this one will go a long way toward establishing the B1G’s top tier as elite


Northwestern up big and Purdue down big… Seems like UNC/Michigan will be for the challenge.


Big ten is gonna win the ACC/BIG challenge. Purdue is up, Michigan and Northwestern won.

EDIT: spoke too soon. Yikes


Have a feeling that flag Dylan planted on Indiana has already flown away


Wish I couldve watched this Purdue game start to finish. Will be such an impressive win, if they pull it off