Big Ten Discussion


What just happened?? I think the LVille player did not know the score. No other explanation for what he just did. Thought they were behind.


I feel like I got dumber watching the end of regulation between Sparty and Louisville.


Yeah, got lucky that he didn’t get called for the accidental eye poke and then just kept going after the ball when Goins clearly had it.


That last 1:10 was absolutely insane lol


What a stupid finish lol, we are all dumber for tuning in.


I thought tv Teddy was done?

Plus Izzo is a nut job elf.



Awful call on Langfords 30th pushoff of the game


Just as a Big Ten ref.


I feel so dirty rooting for Louisville.


Nobody wants to win this game.


the refs decided the playing was so bad, that they wanted in on the action. brutal on the eyes


Langford got bailed out by the ref lol.

He’s not going to get away with that as the season goes on.


I don’t like taking a timeout there for Louisville. Get the ball in bounds first and if the players get in trouble, then call it. Now MSU can set up the press


McMann is stone cold shooter.


How many times can this idiot announcer call MSU the best transition team in basketball?


Loyer is going to get targeted by every team that they play. It will eventually make him a better defensive player, but it is going to be hard on him until he gets there.


Iowa and Wisconsin losing at home at the break. Would be nice for the conference if they can come through.


Louisville outscored MSU 30-14 on free throws. That is a lot to overcome.


I don’t know much about ville this year. I didn’t remember most of those names from last year.