Big Ten Discussion


Yeah been watching it on the Patriot League Network stream. Heart just outgunned.


Foster Loyer looks miniscule on the court. Even smaller than Spike his freshman year.


Dicky V stumping for the ND football team. He found a way to be more insufferable


Wow, McQuaid is not a PG…


I know the opponent is one of the worst in the country but he’s doing what you’d expect and looks like a man amongst boys.


Early in the year, but it looks like a failed experiment.


B. Quinn with some air time.



When Kenny Goins is your leading scorer, things are gonna be rough for you on that night. MSU’s best players are not playing like it.


I am so laughably unafraid of this MSU team. Every concern I had preseason looks as bad or worse than I thought


Yeah it looks like last year’s team without Miles and JJJ


Ward out of a double team. LOL


I think the question with MSU is what they look like against more average teams. Kansas is gonna be really good this year. But there are a lot of guys getting major minutes who are just super average.


I’m going to wait on judgement for a few months…Sparty fans were laughing last year when UNC was trouncing Michigan by 30 in December.


Good god they’re going to cover…of course they are.


Big missed layup by Cassius Winston at the horn for those that had -4.5 :beers:


The -5 crew will take it too! A push is never bad!


Unf*cking believable. Had Kansas -5 from earlier in the week, as I said, who were covering the entire last 35 min of the game. Then hedged 60-65% with MSU +4.5. So a push and a loss. Lose pretty big.


For a first game and against a good opponent, I thought MSU played together better as a team than they did in most games last year.


Ohio State out rock fighting Cinci on the road. Up 22-15 late in the first.