Big Ten Discussion


If Goins hit that second three I was shutting it off.


Kansas’ transition D has been awful. A sign of that poor Bill Self coaching


Uh, they are flipping that out of bounds call right? Why isn’t Self pissed?


Incredibly Ward hasn’t learned how to give it up before the double team eats him up. Still.


On McQuaid’s first possession at point guard he gets ripped




He looks bad in that role. Gets bailed out by a bad foul there


So very early, but MSU’s defense, depth, and shot creation (Mostly Winston) concerns are very very real


Kansas in control early…


I’m just glad that Azubuike isn’t on our schedule right now.


MSU would be down 25 points if Self could get his guys to run back down on defense.


Feels like MSU’s transition offense is always effective in these Champs Classic games.


Teams just not in game condition and don’t have the “every possession matters” mentality yet


Romeo Langford looks like the real deal early on. 17 points at half, 7-9 from the field but only 3-9 from ththe line.


They are playing Chicago State and were 35 point favorites. So we have to wait and see on that one IMO.


Kenny Goins has attempted four 3-pointers and Cassius Winston has only attempted 2 shots. MSU offense struggling to get anything going against Kansas.


Really wish I hadn’t seen this post before the game. Had a fairly large sum on Kansas -5 and bought out of ~60-65% of it because of the reverse line movement and sharp $$ appearing to be on MSU.


(Next opponent) Holy Cross roughing up outmanned Sacred Heart 51-30 at the half.


Trust yourself not sharp money.


Says a lot for a Bill Carmody team to score 50 points in a half.