Big Ten Discussion


I read that 10 of the last 12 games in this Champions Classic series have gone under. I can’t see Duke and Kentucky not putting up big points tonight though.


be shocked if sparty covers that.


This is probably a little over the top, but the Myles Dread early love is interesting.


WVU lost both of their guards from last year (Carter and Miles). That defense isn’t going to be nearly as good as it has been. I’d hold off on Dread love based on beating up an early season WVU team with zero guard experience.


Dread didn’t have any experience either.


MSU line down to 4.5 despite majority of the public on Kansas.


Experience? Lot of new parts tor KU.


Public remembering that Bill Self is a terrible in game coach?


Public hasn’t realized it yet, but sharps apparently have. Izzo is 2-0 vs. Self in the Champions Classic, fwiw.


There doesn’t appear to be a Vegas line on our game, correct?


Correct. Don’t think there are usually lined games for MEAC teams.


Interesting game. Lot of questions for MSU’s backcourt but they seem capable of potentially having the answers. I thought Langford and Winston were a definite step down from MAAR and Simpson last season, but this is a new season and it’ll be fun to see how much they’ve improved.


Weird to me. As bad as Self is, the talent gap is just enormous. Unless we think that Cassius is about to go Valentine level nuclear.


Can we get a UMhoops fake gambling group contest against the spread? Always love your takes on lines and futures.


Is there a way to run a contest like that? I’d be fine with an open thread if you guys wanted to keep track of stuff but the headache of doing a contest is a problem.


I’d be fine with a thread where we just discussed nightly picks. I always appreciate insight from hardcore fans who have seen more of teams from around the country. My betting account balance will do just fine tracking how I’m doing for the season! :wink:


I’ve participated in one where everyone had like $1,000 fake dollars to play with and at the end of the season, the winner based on their bets got $5 from everyone. I could see if I can set one up if there’s enough people that are interested.

But I’m also fine with a thread to discuss lines like @CoryR suggested


Dicky V starting off the basketball season by pleading to the viewers that only a handful of coaches are paying players


Kenny Goins hit a three???


Azubuike embarrassing Ward out there