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Why is there such an obsession with Foster Loyer?

He’s a player from Michigan now playing at our biggest rival, a player that fits Beilein’s historic tendencies much more than Izzo’s. Seems completely normal to discuss something’s like that in a thread titled “Big Ten Discussion.”


Discussing teams and players within the Big Ten is purpose of this thread. Don’t think anyone is “obsessed” with him at all.


Tricky part for MSU is that you have two players to hide defensively now in the backcourt instead of one. Then you have to account for not having the same sort of elite shot blocking.

Loyer/Winston better give a lot of buckets if they are going to play heavy minutes together. That being said, MSU needs guards so hard to see Loyer not playing.

The good news for MSU is that Izzo will probably have to play Winston a lot of minutes and there won’t be as many excuses for Izzo to bench him.

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MSU better have their front court filled with shot blockers because their guards have the potential to be the worst defensive back court in the Big Ten if not the country. Its not like Langford or McQuaid were some kind of lock down threats either.

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I believe MSU will be a disaster next year. I will be watching very closely. Maybe I will get MSU season tickets :slight_smile:

Yeah, McQuaid was probably one of their better perimeter defenders from that group. Wasn’t there an image floating around where Poole is being guarded my McQuaid and Poole had the ball on the perimeter–while looking at McQuaid with an expression of extreme disrespect–like “you are a fool if you think you have a chance of guarding me” sort of look?

Pretty sure that was this pic.


Winston regularly guarding JP? I think the great majority of this board would be sure to save that video on their DVR.

Yes! What an awesome photo!

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I can only assume that Dakich kindly escorted Poole to the rim shortly after this picture was taken.


Interestingly enough… some of the national media has them ranked as high as 10 in Preseason polls. I’m glad because this only motivates JB and the team to play the dog!!

I remember thinking during this game that JB ran a clear for JP and said something like…“we’ll take this all day long”!


Or MSU will rise up because they are hungry and buy in. Everyone gives great effort and izzo gets them to overachieve.

Definitely sounds like Ethan Happ will be back, no surprise there.

“I’m a fan of college basketball, as well, and I think I can really develop there,” said Happ, who could return to school because he has not hired an agent. “I’d like to get higher up, late first or early second, but so far that’s not what it’s looking like talking with teams.”

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So in your over/under piece if you were to put an o/u on Happ 3pa next year I wonder what it would be. Have to assume much of his feedback was develop an outside game and work on D/handle.

Probably very similar feedback to last year for him. He attempted 11 last year (up from 0 his first two years). He just isn’t a great shooter though and it takes away from what he’s good at. Tricky spot.

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I’m shocked he’s eligible again. I had no idea. With happ back their sleepers. I predict a deep run out of them.

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