Big Ten Discussion

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Every fringe draftable player is gonna come back besides Matthews lol


Carsen Edwards coming back to Purdue

It’s to bad Ward plays for Izzo. He has some natural skills that just need continuing development.

He’ll eventually make a living playing bb somewhere.

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So, this means the only players that Maryland is bringing back with a Usage above 12% and offensive rating that is 100+ are Cowan and Bruno Fernando.

Pops needs to get on IG


Have a fun Big Ten post ready for tomorrow… started out with some casual thoughts and ended up at 3,000 words on the conference and next season now that the NBA Draft deadline has passed.


@umhoops Do any of your cool stats sites have what percentage of Jaren Jackson’s offense came from pick and rolls?

7.5% of offensive possessions, per Synergy. Scored 30 points on 27 roll man possessions. MSU isn’t a high volume ball screen offense usually, run a lot of sets, etc.

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Very interesting. There was a workplace discussion on Jackson vs. Bamba vs. Bagley draft position and I was curious as to how Jackson’s offense would be evaluated when it seemed like so little of it came from the pick and roll (of course with the NBA being very heavy on it). That’s even lower than I thought though.

Was a very small part of Bagley and Bamba’s game too. For example, Bagley scored 36 points on 24 roll man possessions. Bamba scored 34 points in 44 possessions/

Jackson’s spot up shooting might not have come out of PNR, but he shot the ball very well from the perimeter it was just derived from different actions.

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Was most of their offense offensive rebounding then, or is there a good amount of post ups in there too (referring to Bamba and Bagley)? It anecdotally feels like the NBA is starting to join the “post ups are usually quite an inefficient option” team. Obvious “Isaac Haas is 70 lbs. heavier than opponent” caveats.

25% of Bagley’s offensive possessions were post ups, 17% were putbacks, 16% were cuts.


Gotcha, thanks for the info.

I find it strange that the UM style of play doesn’t attract BIG’s in preparation for the NBA.