Big Ten Discussion


I guess I anticipate Kyle Young progressing a good amount, but yeah the only positive players they really bring back are Jackson and the big Wesson


They did land a top 20 recruit though, right?

One good thing for them is the Big Ten could be wide open next year.

I like our chances to be very good, as we’ll return a lot.

MSU will have Langford, Winston, and some other guys with upside, but it sounds like Bridges, Ward, and JJJ are gone.

Purdue will take a big step back IMO without Vince Edwards and Haas.

And beyond that, Indiana might be good, as they have some talented freshmen coming in. Otherwise, literally anyone could seemingly step up and make a push for top 4/5 status.


The Big Ten could be totally open next year. Have to see what happens with UM and MSU, but they could both obviously lose a lot.

PU also loses Matthias and Thompson. If Carsen Edwards leaves, it could be a big step back.

Dosunmu for Illinois is ranked 27th in the 247 composite, and I’m not sure he was top 20 in any of the rankings. He’s the kind of 5-star without KY or Duke offers. He obviously could be very good right away, but he may have to be considering what Illinois lost and that they were already pretty lousy.


One thing that caught my eye at the end of Finke’s statement is “and Illinois will not renew my scholarship.” I know it’s based off of him leaving but there has to be more to it.


Don’t forget Penn St and Nebraska. Both will be very good.


I’m getting this vibe as well. I agree that he is a good coach, but the hole he is going to have to dig out of is getting pretty large


I noticed that as well. Didn’t need to be said, but was. A bit of a head scratcher, as Illinois appears to have all kinds of open scholarship slots. Hopefully the move is mutually beneficial.


Yup, those teams look like they should factor in, though who knows, they may have their own departures.


If Carr doesn’t leave early, Penn State is top 4 in the conference. Nebraska will need a new point guard next year, but they have a lot of talent eligible to return; whether they actually will return seems to be a perennial question with the Huskers…


I agree. Penn St will be very good if Carr comes back. Nebraska and that home court advantage, plus returning experience will keep them in the upper tier as well.


To be fair, it seems like the exact same situation as with Mark Donnal last year.


True. I think we knew all along that Donnal was leaving after the season. Don’t know if that was the case with Finke (could be as simple as us following UM more closely).

Wonder if he ends up playing with his brother at Grand Canyon.


But with the way their roster is falling apart, if we had that situation I suspect Donnal would have had a slot.


If it was falling apart with BU’s players perhaps, but I could see him finding better guys for his style from JUCO or mid/low major transfers.


From Nebraska release: James Palmer Jr. and forward Isaac Copeland Jr. have announced their intentions to declare for the 2018 NBA Draft, but will not hire an agent, maintaining their college eligibility.

Nebraska Basketball Coach Tim Miles announced Tuesday that junior forward Jack McVeigh has decided to pursue a professional career and has signed with an agent.


It looks like Nebrasketball’s revolving door is not gathering dust.


We’ll still have to see IMO, we’re getting to the point where anyone who even has the slightest chance at making a G-League team should put their name in and go through the process and the guy who is for sure leaving appears to be a bench warmer.


Seems like some combination of Michigan, MSU, PSU, Nebraska, and Maryland will make up the top 5; and that order depends a lot on attrition.


Miles Bridges is off to the NBA


I would never describe Bridges as skinny