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It was a great act of courage, on the part of Izzo, to give some skinny kid from Flint a spot on the MSU basketball team for the last two years…What a brave and generous guy. Izzo, with his great basketball IQ must have seen something in Bridges others just couldn’t see…Bridges blossomed under Izzo’s guidance and it only took 2 short years…

Also, Izzo has these kids so brainwashed it is frightening.



I guess he was skinny at some point in his life, but it wasn’t when he was playing high school basketball.


Hey now, his best offers coming in were from those small schools like UNC, Louisville, Kansas and Kentucky. Lucky Izzo took the risk, otherwise he might have had to walk on.


One year too late


All kidding aside, he cost himself some money by not coming out a year earlier. I hope he did it for the right reasons (love of his program/college ball) rather than the wrong ones (false hope of further development/improving draft stock). I hope he advised Jackson to leave, but I’m not sure it’s a sure thing he’ll leave too.


God sure didn’t place him in the middle of the Syracuse zone, that’s for sure. Even God must have wanted to see how that choice worked out for Izzo.


Give him a break. The good Lord was a little busy doing Sister Jeans bidding that weekend.


This might make us odds-on favorites to win the B1G next year.



Big Ten has a really nice 3 on 3 squad. Does anyone have a link to the other rosters?

Also, will this be televised?


Twitter streams and ESPN2

The event will begin on Friday, March 30 with 24 pool play games streamed live on Twitter from 7 p.m.-12:30 a.m. EST and will continue on Saturday, March 31 with another 24 pool play games streamed live on Twitter from 11 a.m.-3:30 p.m. EST. The event will conclude on Sunday, April 1, with the quarterfinals broadcast live on Twitter from 1:35-3 p.m. EST, and the semifinals, third-place game and championship game broadcast live on ESPN2 from 3:30-5:30 p.m. EST.


Congratulations to Miles Bridges for a terrific 2 year career at MSU. He will likely be remembered as one of their all time greats.

Too bad for him that his final year was hampered by too high expectations, his and others, and by external distractions not of his making.


Awesome. Thanks. Is there a particular Twitter account that will be streaming the games?


A lot of internet gossip that Jaren Jackson will be returning next year. That’d be pretty crazy. When was the last time a top 3 pick level of player chose to come back to school? Was Sullinger that high when he came back?

Looking at some old Draft Express archives it looks like the precedent would be:

Greg Monroe (4)
Jared Sullinger (3)
Marcus Smart?
Julius Randle (4) edit: did not stay


And how many of those guys ended up being drafted higher than they were projected the year before? A big fat zero. Crazy


That would be surprising, especially when you consider the issues swirling around MSU. It’s not like the Stephens report or the Walton/Appling, etc stuff have been definitively put to bed. Maybe he wants to stick by them during the tough times, or something, but foregoing being a top 5 pick when, besides all the normal possible downsides, there’s still a decent chance of everything going to pot, would be unusual.


Julius Randle only played 1 year at UK.

None of them are going to be picked higher since it’s pretty much impossible to raise your stock from top 5. Marcus Smart probably stayed even.

JJJ coming back would be absurd, but hey it’s his life. If it’s Izzo manipulating, then that is not cool at all.


If Jaren comes back, I wonder if Ward will. Not that they were ever really used at the same position anyway but with Tillman, Jackson and Goins still around, Wards 17 minutes per game isn’t going to rise under Izzo.

I’d think if JJ goes pro, Izzo’s one and only call would be to Ward to say “I’m so sorry you’ve been overlooked. Now it’s your time”, however true that may be


You’re right, so drop Randle from the list


Justin Jackson declares with an agent