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It could also be that Underwood doesn’t necessarily want them around.


Well it’s probably best to wait until something official happens before speculating on this, but I’m sure there’s some people who are not thrilled with the very different style of interacting with his players compared to Groce.

@jemblue Normally that’s always a potential reason, but I just can’t see that with the state of Illinois basketball. They have that one good guard coming in and then nothing and Spring Creaning without a good/large recruiting class seems odd.


Reminds me of OSU passing on Trey Burke.


@93grad: I was just about to joke that they passed on Simpson because they had Aaron Craft.
Timing is everything. :slight_smile:


Wasn’t Shannon Scott the real reason they didn’t have the room for Burke lol?


Yes It was


PS - @Tom48160 wasn’t calling you out for the Craft line…just think its another hilarious reminder of how little anyone knows about how a player will actually pan out!


Iowa announces that Tyler Cook will test the NBA Draft process, but won’t hire an agent.



Holtmann did a fine job this year at OSU but had the luxury of a veteran team. Now the rebuilding job really begins.


Next year they probably have a lineup of

PG - CJ Jackson - Duane Washington (Frosh)
SG - Luther Muhammad (Frosh)
SF - Andre Wesson - Musa Jallow
PF - Kyle Young - LeDee (Frosh)
C - Kaleb Wesson - Potter

Holtmann should probably be able to get a decent team out of this, but it’s possible that the perimeter could be a disaster.


I think that squad could make the tournament. But it’ll largely depend on what kind of jump the frontcourt makes IMO.

I think OSU was fortunate to only lose 3 conference games. But even if they had gone 11-7 or 12-6, it would have been a master stroke of a season from Holtman IMO.


Go Carsen go!! You can do it!!!

In all seriousness, if Carsen Edwards returns I think he’s an all-American


Leron Black going pro, Michael Finke grad transferring


No surprise he’d throw up that pic of dunking on Zay. Illinois is our biggest rival afterall :roll_eyes:


Tejon Lucas is transferring too.


Is Illinois going to have a team next year?


They’ve been recruiting quite a few Juco kids. Not exactly sure what the plan is. Looks like a really tough year coming up, following a really tough year.

In on Tevian jones but other than him, no other instant impact guys from what I can see.


That seems like a bubble team at best to me unless some of those guys really develop. But I do think he did a remarkable job this year and it was a good hire.


I think Brad Underwood is not gonna succeed at Illinois. I still think he’s a very good coach, but his start has been so disastrous that I don’t know how he recovers fast enough to avoid a firing. If they gave him 5 years I think he could put together a program, but will they be that patient?