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Ah yes. 8-5 going into Wisconsin game


Had Nebraska lost, that would’ve been one ugly slate the first two days at MSG. There wouldn’t have been a single NCAA-bound team until Friday.


Out of curiosity for those that use any RPI forecasters, what can happen if Wisconsin or Maryland loses?

Hopefully a loss by either keeps them in their current Quadrant, specifically Maryland staying in Q1.


The team has gotten much better at it since that game. Poole, Rahk and X have done a pretty good job attacking switches over the past 5-6 games or so. Getting the ball out of Matthews’ hands is probably a lot of the improvement.

Roby is still a very bad matchup for Mo though, so I suspect he’ll get shut down again.


PG Davison did get 30 against MSU today


Although I have been as critical as anyone on Z’s inability to create in the offensive zone, to include FT shooting… He is without a doubt a strong defender and is more often than not capable of staying in front of his man which is where good defense starts. If your PG can not keep the other guy in front of him the back side is doomed as they need to help leading to easy baskets at the rim.

We all know all too well what that looks like over the years.

And with the offensive fire power currently on the roster it works.


PSU is still closer to making the tournament than Nebraska. A win yesterday probably would have put them on the right side of the bubble.


Nebraska fans have convinced themselves if they beat us then they are in. Not so sure that’s true. But I’d love to crush them as they are very confident.


I don’t know about that. A week ago they were one of the hottest teams in the country, but lately, not so much.


They do realize that they are not hosting the B1G Tournament, right?

What’s their best road win? @ Wisconsin? GTFOH…


Plus, Michigan fans will be well-represented at MSG. If any team would have an advantage in that regard it would be us.


Going by, PSU is still two spots ahead of Nebraska. Reverse the result of their game and PSU gets a pretty good bump. It would probably be a quadrant 1 win. The resumes of teams near the bubble are close.


Would be fun to make the semi against MSU and have the crowd behind us. A man can dream. . .


I wonder if the polite New York crowd would dare to get on Sparty.


Thats what we did @ Nebraska, but their help D scraped down and helped off their man heavily, not afraid of our shooting. Moe, Matthews, and MAAR would get 2 feet in the paint and then swarmed by their length, and we didn’t have anyone with Dwalt’s ability to just pull-up after the switch. Louisville had to account for four 3pt snipers (+/- Zak), and decided to see if Moe could beat them at their switching game; which, as we all remember so fondly, he did masterfully. I loveee how Pitino’s career ended.

I think penetration by Z and the newly studly MAAR will be key, and then up to Moe, Duncan, and Poole to make them pay for helping off of the perimeter.


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College basketball corruption charges

Oh, if we get there, I will be decidedly impolite. And LOUD.

4 rows off the court if we get to that one. Sweating our first and then our second if we win the first, but when you buy tickets in advance, I guess you’re always sweating…

College basketball corruption charges


Sounds like Mizzou has been tampering with Cook and he’s probably gone.

If so… man… Iowa is done