Big Ten Discussion


Nebby really has good personnel to trouble Carr, although he’s looking like some kind of warmed over version of himself.

They all look completely gassed from their losing effort against us. They had an extra day, but their short bench and giving whatever they had to try to survive us, and they are so done.


I get the allure, but at a certain point he’s rolled a fair amount of talent through there with not even minimal PS results.


A 13-5 conference team that beat us by 20, has no shot at getting into the NCAA tournament. …


Um, I’ll take their freaking BS version of the imbalanced schedule for 1000, Alex


The Big Ten should have realized as soon as RU/MD joined that an 18-game schedule was no longer workable. Nebraska got screwed the other way - they’re probably a tournament-caliber team but the league gave them such an awful schedule that they couldn’t prove it.


Kid is balling


Anyone else annoyed by now with Nebraska scrub’s little dance routines?


He couldn’t defend Z, though. You’ve got to go at him and get him in foul trouble.


A PG that can hit threes at his percentage is invaluable.
16 for his last 20. Unbelievable


I honestly think we might be a top five team in the country if he had come to Michigan


Any chance Tim Miles gets any Big Ten Coach of the Year votes? 6-12 last year to 13-5 this year. Chris Holtmann is my vote, but I know there’s a big “Keita Bates Diop was always this good he just got hurt” crowd that wasn’t as high on the job Holtmann’s done as I was


I’d rather have Simpson. Head to head Simpson is a tough match up for Winston.
Last two games vs Michigan, Winston has 6 assists and 10 turnovers. I don’t think it’s a coincidence.


100%. The fun thing about our 2014 bench mod was that it was organic bliss, not weird cheerleader routines on the sideline that are clear technical fouls by the book.


I’m not sure who I’d rather have. It’s an incredibly difficult question and Winston’s offense can’t be overstated, but it’s very clear that Simpson is a large, perhaps the biggest, factor in the new defensive mentality of this team. I find very high value in that alone, even if his stats are nothing close to Winston.


The weird thing to me is Nebraska just doesn’t seem that good to me, but I guess they must be.

They will be desperate against us and would have a chance to win their way into the tournament.

On a nice amount of rest (and without two grueling games into the leadup) + our ability to gameplan, those are factors for us.

I feel like we could firebomb them like Penn State and Maryland, or end up losing a close one.


How do we successfully combat their switching everything this time? Completely mystified last game.


Isn’t that what Louisville did to us in the tourney last year and we just let Moe dominate on the block? I thought that was how Wagner would continuously get matched up with Mitchell and Adel.


Love the way we are playing now, but if we do indeed advance to play Nebraska, that game will be about a thousand times more important for them. Hope we can match their intensity.


Just means they play tighter, without the comfort and advantage of playing at home too.

I’m comfortable for them against Nebraska. I just hate it because with the extra game, I don’t think they beat MSU on Saturday.


I think UM will want payback against Nebraska. And I suspect they will get it.