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The offense Penn State chooses to run is a crime to organized sports.


Thursday- 2:30


Penn State looks terrible right now


I don’t think M has been more impressive than MSU, but I do think M is better than them, head to head, on a basketball court. If they were playing a 7 game series right now, I’d pick M.


Why do I like Tim Miles so much?


When we were ahead by eight at halftime AT Penn State, I said, That’s it. We win. We have Coach B and they have…I don’t know, what’s his name? I really can’t even think of it now! Although I must admit I’m now watching the Honda Classic. Going to extra holes! Oh, yeah, Pat Chambers, is that it?


Just the kind of guy who seems like he’d be a good uncle.


He may be a decent guy, but I think he’s out of his league. Being a decent guy myself who was definitely out of his league, I DO feel for the guy. But honestly, I don’t think he has a clue right now! It’s really kind of sad. He really has a great story, too!


How does he not have a clue right now? They’re practically doubling Penn State up…


Nebraska a dangerous team. Fascinated to see what kind of adjustments JB makes after that blowout.


Miles? What?


How does Pat Chambers NOT have a clue as to how to coach basketball at the B1G level? Did you misunderstand me, that I was talking about Chambers and Penn State. Chambers kids are just running around with no real offensive concept. And they ARE doubled up.


No. Chambers!


You responded to a post about Tim Miles, saying he doesn’t know what he’s doing.


Looks like we’ll be playing Thursday.

For goodness’ sake, Penn State looking like they just got beat by us in a noon game earlier today. Just a dreadful, gutless, poise-less performance so far.

Nebraska really has a pro-arena - you can see why it’s hard for visitors to play in. Seems like the refs are getting swayed to - that looked like a rough double dribble call and wasn’t Carr fouled on that 3?

Pat Chambers, you really have to question him, at this point. Terrible game plan for a situation he had days to prepare for (no Watkins) and just a terrible job having his team prepared to play. What an execrable display of basketball in a must win game. I’d be beside myself if my team were playing that way in a do or die.


OK, my bad, I was watching golf. I had given up on the Nebraska Penn State game. I thought you meant Pat Chambers “seemed like a nice uncle.” I didn’t read back far enough to see you were talking about Miles in response to chezaroo. I really like Tim Miles. BUT, if he were my uncle, he’d be DEAD! :rofl: Sorry guys. Trying to multi task, and at my age that obviously doesn’t always work out well!:grinning: I meant Chambers didn’t have a clue hence my reference to the Penn State Michigan game and my comfort level up by eight on the road knowing we had a much better coach than they did. Again, my bad!


I don’t share the fan base’s obsession with Miles. I mean, he’s not a complete prick in the postgame like the utterly ungracious Izzo, but that’s a low bar. I honestly think at this point Miles has underperformed. Great, he’s got them winning yet another home game. How new.


Beyond irritated that we’re going to be playing on Thursday. The schedule screwed us over.


Couldn’t agree more - our 13-5 >>>>>>>>>>> their 13-5.

Ridiculous imbalance with significant consequences.


I mean he used to tweet sarcastic things at halftime when he was down big, that alone is worth all the points.

edit: or whoever ran his account did, I’m sure he can’t use that during games due to NCAA rules.