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Absolutely, Boards. There are several ways to “skin a cat.” In this case I believe JP made the wrong choice. But, it really doesn’t matter what I think. The game is moving like a hundred miles an hour, he’s flying up the floor, 12,000 fans are screaming, he makes a choice and takes it to the hole himself. I’m absolutely sure he thought he could make the play. Hey, that’s between him and Coach. I believe Coach B, in the presser, mentioned blowing the 2-1 break. But you’re right. Again, more than one way to run a break. I would have preferred the other way. Then, too, I NEVER had anyone as immensely talented as Jordan Poole, even on a relative basis. I think had he given it up we’d have had two points there, but we’ll never know. As I said, I’m sure Jordan thought he could make the play. How about today’s game?!? Great game! Outstanding defense in the first half and one of the best halves of offensive basketball I’ve seen from a Michigan team in that first half! Thanks for your input! Go Blue!!!


Great game! It blew me away


Why do you constantly put words in people’s mouths around here? It’s really weird.


Constantly? Can you give me 5 examples of me putting words in people’s mouths, going back 3 months? If not, then I have to ask you in turn why you are accusing me of doing things I haven’t done.


How ‘bout them Wolverines? :slight_smile: Lately I’ve thought about whether Tim Hardaway Jr’s sophomore season is a good comparison to Charles Matthews’. Offensive rating suggests it’s a decent comparison, and Charles Matthews does better on defensive rating. Charles Matthews has a better 3 point shooting percentage, and more rebounds per game. Any thoughts?

Not a bad player to resemble IMO.


Sort of been the inverse right now. Hardaway really struggled early and then was lights out by the end of the year. Matthews had some good moments early but is trying to fight through it right now. Great read here.


One difference is that THJr always seemed confident. Even the year he struggled, he could go 0-5 and then not shy away from an off-the-dribble contested 3. Matthews doesn’t really have that. THJr was also a more natural shooter.

Matthews seems like a better passer to me. He also has perhaps better footwork in the lane, though he gets a little out of control. A little earlier recognition of when to go and when to pull back and reducing that tape-delay could go a long way.Generally, I think Matthew could have a big year next year if X and Poole take on a lot of the primary playmaking – this year Matthews probably started out as option #1 in terms of wing/guard PnR sets – with another year to work on his fundamentals.


Wait Charles had a higher 3 pt percentage? Is that really accurate? Doesn’t seem possible.


Tim shot 28% as a sophomore. Matthews is currently at 33%


Everything Dylan and UMHoopsFan said makes sense. The difference in conference statistics is pretty stark–THJ’s offensive rating is far better. Believe it or not, Charles Matthews still is better in three point shooting percentage within the Big 10. THJ had 27% that year (!!), and Matthews 29%. I would assume the stats belie the fact that THJ probably tried to create more three point shots off the dribble than Matthews, but that’s a guess.


Not sure if it even matters but who are we rooting for in this mstate vs Ethan happ game? Can a win or loss alter a quad level win either way?


Wow I do not remember hardaway ever shooting that poorly. Kind of shocked by that news. The one thing I thought hurt us and him as an upperclassmen was he fell in love with the three ball too much. It really was bothering me. He constantly was just shooting and hunting threes which took away what made him so valuable his frosh and soph year.

He was getting a lot of nice looks at the rim, curls open at the elbow and I remember him being phenomenal on the back door too. He used the threat of the three to set everything else up. Something coach b teams do brilliantly when clicking. His offense is a thing of beauty and nearly impossible to stop when ran properly with talented/ heady players.


I think the only real impact is whether you want to play MSU in the semifinal.


Love Nebraska straight up at home today. Especially given that Watkins is out.


So MSU is copying Oregon with alternate jerseys that have little to do with the school colors, I see.


Yes, but I still lean towards penn st on overall talent. With Watkins out though I agree if it’s a pick em you gotta like Nebraska on the road. If I was betting though I wouldn’t touch either.


After reviewing the brackets I’d really like to see a wiscy upset. Having Ohio state on our side would give us a chance to get another quad 1 win versus a top 20 team and after watching each game it’s clear to me that we are the better team. I have little doubt we’d win the rubber match. M state would be tough to beat again. I can’t see it happening though it’s clear to me state is far superior.

To me it’s clear state is the best team in the country with great balance but they can get sloppy and out of control and beat themselves. If izzo is the coach everyone says then they go final 4 at least and win it all really


It’s hard for me to draw that conclusion about MSU when they have zero conference road wins against winning teams. Moreover, in the road games they have played, they seem to regularly fall behind big.


Agree. I think MSU is–maybe with Duke–the most talented team in the country. I am not convinced they are the best. How the (maybe bigger than average) handful of teams with a true chance evolve over their next six-eight games will, along with some flukey-a** luck and jive officiating, determine the champion.


“Fluey-a** luck and jive officiating.” I Love it, though I think sometimes it even worse than “jive officiating!” :grinning: