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Is the Davidson kid for Wiscy tough or what?!? Shoulder pops out. He goes to locker room. They pop it back in and the kid comes right back in and makes an incredible step back two. Then hits a three next time down the floor. Amazing!


I’ve gotten frustrated with Matthews’ offense a few times here, but I really think it’s worth noting that he’s one of the three main reasons our defense has been as good as it has (along with X and Mo’s growth as a rebounder). Matthews is a solid on-ball defender (probably the best we have 2 through 4), a VERY good help defender, and a pretty solid rebounder. He’s also consistently dropped a few dimes every game.

I agree with what was said above that Charles doesn’t have that swagger that Hardaway had where Tim was just going to shoot through it - Charles seems like a really sweet, quiet kid, very different. BUT, when Tim wasn’t shooting, he lost the script on defense in serious ways - Charles still plays with a fury there.


MSU offense in disarray so far in second half! 8:00 to play! 47-45 Wiscy. Oops, Ward gets one to sneak in 47-47!


Yes to all this! I think that Matthews is the more multi-dimensional player, at this stage. Anyone questioning his smarts is really missing it, from my POV. Also agree that he just seems like an incredibly nice kid, which doesn’t surprise me one bit, given that he’s a Beilein player. Saw it mentioned elsewhere and have been repeating it–through all this ugly at MSU Beilein has never even disciplined a player! It’s got to be one of the keys to overachieving like he does that his kids are so pleasant, intelligent, and serious-minded. Really does make me proud in a sort of goofy old-fashioned way.


Yeah I don’t know if people saw the Journey with Matthews, but he really seems so shy and quiet it’s hard to believe he can muster the aggression to play big time sports.

The Journey is worth it alone to see Watson, Poole, and Livers joke with Duncan Robinson that he looks like Eleven in Stranger Things.


I watched that and was really knocked out by it. Was there a thread here about it? Must-see TV for M fans, absolutely.


Hmmm, spoke too soon, Bridges a two, Jackson a three, Winston a looong three. Sparties now up seven.


New cheer: Go Black, Go Lime. Go Black, Go Lime.


Well, he did dismiss LLP for a violation of team rules.


Or suspended Trey Burke for a game/start here and then. Or suspended Manny Harris for the game at Purdue. Just spitballing, but quite a few instances.


I thought the Manny Harris Purdue thing was a Harris normal triple threat elbow that a Purdue player flopped on and somehow Harris got ejected, was there something a different year that he got suspended for?


Yeah, incident in the practice the game before.


Yup, just found it

I wonder what the heck I’m thinking of lol


He got ejected in the first half of another game at Purdue for elbowing Kramer.


Today’s announcers said that MSU has no weaknesses. I disagree. They have at least two: They turn the ball over too much and they are not a good road team. There are no home games in the tournament.


The fact that you know the exact opposing player from a somewhat minor incident 10 years ago is amazing, much respect.


And they tend to fall behind by double digits far too often, which of course becomes an issue when you’re facing actual NCAA tourney teams. Pretty dumb of those announcers to say any team this year “has no weaknesses” in my opinion.


Is MSU that great of a home team either? They lost to us, went to OT against Rutgers, barely scraped it out against Purdue…

They’ve simply played a terrible schedule, and no matter how good they are, I question how ready they’ll be to face another elite opponent. They seem to only play hard for parts of games - just enough to dig out of holes against overmatched opponents.


Okay, I was a little bit off!!! :slight_smile:


MSU the 1 seed with this win over Wisconsin, would be a potential rematch on Saturday in NYC.