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My eight grade coach wouldn’t let use drink water during practice. You were a wimp if you needed water,lol.

Times, coaching changes



You think? Gee thanks, Delany.

Mind like a steel trap, that one… :roll_eyes:


Exactly. Denying a kid water was a common punishment when I played football.

Nowadays, I coach youth football and such action would be unconscionable, grounds for removal from my post, and grounds for a lawsuit against me and the organization that put me in my position. As it should be.

Times have changed, indeed.


He’s in the “Can’t Make A Play” category at this point, along with whoever else on the roster who can’t make a play. His tendency to dribble into bad shots and turnovers is maddening.


:rofl: You’re not far off, Tom!


Translation: We aren’t going back to MSG anytime soon, so it won’t really be an issue again.


The Trading Post had them at 3 for $1.


Yeah, I object to the idea–put forward in mgoblog–that he is “broken.” Just not true. Beilein says he’s thinking too much and that’s what it looks like. Won’t even be surprised if he recovers down the stretch here.


I’m looking for him to get it started in the NCAA Tournament. I think he’ll play well. Now, it sure wouldn’t break my heart if he played well this weekend and continued it next week.


WOW OSU and Indiana ending was fun. Great game.


Alternative break rules: Don’t pass unless they get a chest all the way in front of you.

Its a different thought from give it up early get it back late. Just other ways to teach the break.

I imagine JB teaches it the first way though.


Can we re-visit the “best case scenario” now? 3-1 in the road games. No luck involved. 7-1 in the last 8. Winners of 5 straight. 13-5.


Ha. I was just going to bump this. Awful take for such a my takes are always right, you are lucky I allow you to discuss basketball with me kind of guy.


Trolls gonna troll


It was actually like that all year…


Alright UM–just to play with you a little, I’m going to encourage you to go back and see what you said about Simmons! :slight_smile: Just teasing, but I’m glad everyone was wrong about him!


I think the difference is most guys on here predict, guess, speculate, etc. and make it clear that that’s what they’re doing. With players they’ll say “they’re not playing well” rather than “they’ll never play well.” The poster whose comments are being brought up continuously does the latter and makes blanket “this will definitely happen” statements about rather ridiculous things, like saying we have no chance at finishing better than 11-7.


Yeah, I held out hope for a while but then pretty much gave up on Simmons. I too am glad he seems to be proving me and others wrong. He still looks a little lost on D (5 fouls in 13 mins the last two games), but right now he’s looking like a really strong PG to be able to bring off the bench. Couldn’t happen at a better time. JB has talked about his attitude a ton and he’s seemed like a great kid in interviews, and I’m really happy for the guy.

And as wolverheel says, it’s fine to speculate or be pessimistic, but repeatedly being so dismissive and certain about uncertain things gets a little old. Onwards and upwards, let the good times roll.


Yes, I agree…let’s ban everyone who’s ever made a confident prediction on this board that turned out wrong. I’ll play if you will.