Big Ten Discussion


Really interested to see how Penn State plays tonight. If they can win tonight, they might actually have better opportunities than Nebraska to craft a NCAA tournament-quality resume down the stretch.


don’t tell Nebraska fans that


Neither team is in as of now.


Penn State now plays OSU and Purdue, so they have a chance to make the case.


Penn State is dangerous. Illinois was horrible last night. I’m not sure Underwood hasn’t lost them. They can’t make shots, which IS what it is, but at times I didn’t know what they were trying to do on offense. There were stretches where they really didn’t play defense, and some of the players were really not hustling at all. Underwood has to be wondering, “What on earth did I get myself in for?”


We remained in the AP poll at #22.


Very surprised they stayed in the poll. I love it though. I FULLY understand it’s meaningless, but it’s nice to filter to the top 25 scores and see them in there.


Everyone around us pretty much also go 1-1 every week so it doesn’t lead to much movement. A sweep this week would be HUGE for us and likely put Michigan anywhere from 15-18.


He got himself into the biggest payday of his career. Regardless of what happens, he went from $300K/y to 3,000K/y in the span of two off-seasons. And a 3M buyout. Good enough for government work.
That said, give him a chance to get some players, that roster is Groce’s work.


I hear ya! Still, I’m guessing he was pulling his hair out! I did see him laugh, however, when he was talking to Steratore in the second half! I think it was one of those, if I don’t laugh, I might cry scenarios, or else just go completely wacko on his guys. His kids really did seem to quit, I thought. We’ll see where they go from here. I DO think he’s a pretty good coach. Hope the fans are patient with him.


Random post here…

Coach B is unique(in a good way)…he says his guys have “bad habits”. Most coaches only say, they aren’t tough enough, didn’t have energy, effort, blah, blah, blah. I have a lifetime of watching bball and coach B is special.

CM - His D, rebounding, scoring inside, and hustle is great to watch but I thought he would develop offensively as the season went on and, maybe, he still will. I’m hoping the young man makes a big jump next year (kind of like a freshman to sophomore improvement). Would love to see the young man reach his potential.


Actually, I just checked and according to the Chicago Tribune, “Underwood had a 5 year, $6.3 million deal, but was only paid a modest one million dollars in 2016-17” But I get your point about making a lot more money at Illinois. I hadn’t really thought about that 'cause I’m a guy that really doesn’t care a whole lot about money. :grinning:


He was making 300K at SFA.


OK, so he went from $300k at SFA to $1 million his first year at OSU on a five year, $6.3 million contract, then jumped to Illinois for $3 million per. Probably doesn’t care a whole lot about how his team plays because he’s rolling in the dough. :rofl: Seriously, though, good for him. I’m sure he’ll get it straightened out at Illinois. I know there are those who think he’s a pretty good coach.


Maryland at Nebraska tonight is a fascinating game for the middle of the league. Nebraska really can’t afford to lose. A lot of Big Ten games are also banking on their wins at Maryland being worth something so rooting for Terps to finish strong.

if Maryland goes 1-3 down the stretch they would have an RPI around 77 per RPIForecast… tier 2 win for teams like Michigan and MSU. Food for thought.


Neither team can afford to lose tonight.


Let’s Go Terps!


Who are ya going with? Nebraska -1.5 or taking the points.

Also, on the same note regarding quadrant wins, root for Iowa as well. (After tomorrow obviously) They’re right on the border of being considered a quadrant two win.


Let’s roll with:
MSU -9.5
NW -3.5


I know it cant be this simple, but why not really super overplay Palmer Jr’s right hand? Teams do it to CM, and should do it to MAAR more. I get he’s good enough to take it with his left every once in a while, and a much better handler than CM, but the right-handed dominance is so apparent