Big Ten Discussion


Didn’t Beilein try to keep Bielefeldt from transferring to Indiana? Also, I’m not sure Dakich is a fair example. What were his other options? He was going to Quinnipiac. I think OSU was his only other offer.


We were playing four on five, on both ends, whenever Dakich got in the game for us. It’s nice for him that he’s become more than a liability for OSU, but there was zero reason to keep him around, and frankly I really don’t see him getting any minutes for us. Ditto if OSU had Simmons - Dakich would not play.

I’ll bet there are literally 5-10 kids on either campus, who are just regular students, that are better basketball players than Dakich.


No need to trash the kid man. perhaps we should move on from this hypothetical Dakich debate. Certainly, he’s part of the OSU story, but not too significant. Bigger fish today… like Purdue-MSU


When certain posters continue to bring him up out of the blue this discussion will continue happening lol


Jackson dealing with foul trouble…again.

Purdue looks like the better team. But they did against OSU too



Jackson in foul trouble means Izzo can keep playing Goins, Schilling and Tillman. At least he has a bit of an excuse at this point


Purdue has gone cold


Strategy to defend them is pretty clear - let Haas do his thing and try to defend everyone else best you can.

To his credit, he’s been a force on offense. Thing is, what happens if he’s off?


Great defensvie performance in the 2nd half by MSU. If you hold them to only 2 3PA in 14 minutes you are doing a good job.


Favorite to win the Big Ten has to be OSU now. That midweek trip to Happy Valley is going to be a veryyyyy interesting game. They win that, they can afford to slip up to Michigan and still “share” the title even though they beat both teams.


Ohio State has a much more difficult stretch to close the season. I’d be very surprised if Purdue and Michigan State don’t win out and I’d be pretty shocked if OSU wins out.


My fault, meant to say “share” the Big Ten title. To me, they’re the de facto champs having beaten both teams - should they all finish tied.

I can see OSU losing both road games next week and ruining their chance. However, I think they knock off PSU in a revenge game. Hopefully lose to Michigan, then they’ll probably win the last two.


at PSU, at Michigan, at Indiana are all tough games IMO.


Absolutely, but they just seem to play well in AA and I think they have a sour taste in their mouth the way they lost at home to PSU. I think they split the two road games next week and win at Indiana.

Most difficult schedule? Yes. Do they lose two of those? Definitely could, I just don’t see it right now.


“Out of the Blue”, into the Red


That’s a dirty foul for sure. No one can convince me that that’s acceptable.


I think we won the last Big Ten Regular Season championship that should have clearly meant more than the BTT. Now, with uneven schedules, it’s a toss up between the RS championship and the BTT.

Didn’t we win the league by 3 whole games the last time schedules were even?


In 2014, schedules weren’t completely balanced (you played your 11 opponents 18 times, so you played seven teams twice and four once) but they were way more balanced than now (with five double-plays and 8 (!) single-plays).


Looks like we played all the top teams twice that year…