Big Ten Discussion


So Duncan brings us nothing when he’s not hitting 3’s? He doesn’t space the floor, isn’t a leader, doesn’t play solid positional defense?


He is absolutely not a leader and if you believe he is, we have completely different ideas of what a leader should be.



Not sure it matters for us who wins, but obviosuly we want MSU to lose :grin:


Couldn’t have said it any better.


Wow, MSU must have the hardest schedule in the country.



We know who @gtfomycourt will not be rooting for in the Big Ten Tournament.


I dislike the MSU basketball program with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind. :slight_smile:


Got you. Think I misread. It is messed up, though, I agree.


Dear lord this Dakich conversation again


Big game on Saturday in East Lansing.


Thanks for posting this and keeping us on track! It’s going to be a war! Looking forward to it! My wife and I are going out for my birthday dinner so we’ll only see the first half live. I told her, an MSU fan, we’d just DVR it and watch the second half when we get home. She said, “No, I don’t think I’m going to want to see it.” :grin: I really hope she doesn’t! :grin:


The only way to avoid it is to play everyone twice, one home and one away. Just cut back on non-conference games. I have been in favor of that for a long time.


20 games and protected rivalries will be a step in the right direction.


dude. I respect a lot of your takes, but this one is going off the rails…

“It makes you a good player due to what percent of possessions you use?”

Yes. Good players demand higher usage (if you want to win basketball games). The greats are efficient to go along with that.

I happen to agree that our main issues are scoring ability from the wing and shooting % from deep. Don’t see how Dakick factors in to that.

Dakich is filling a nice role at OSU, but to assume he would have as much impact in a totally different system on a completely different team makes no sense. I’m happy for the kid–as a player, I filled a similar role. Love it really But to suggest JB made an error somewhere along the way here is just silly. Let it go


OSU runs a completely different offense than we do. Dakich does move the ball around, but cannot utilize ball screens. His points are residual from the opponents focus on other players. If he passes the ball to KBD, he has at least a 50% chance of getting an assist. His role is quite limited, but he does it well and brings some basketball IQ.


Yup, I’ll post it again because this is the type of defense he faces:


“Dakich is a hockey player.”


Also, kick out Rutgers and Penn State please.


sane1 and kellen.hayes are right: Just because Dakich is useful for OSU doesn’t mean he would’ve been for U-M. Fit matters. Simmons unfortunately is an example of that (even though it appeared going in that he’d be a significant contributor).

When people bring up Dakich, it surely is more just about seeing another U-M grad transfer win at a B1G school. Each case was kind of a one-off, but I do think there is something different about Beilein that contributes to it. There’s just no way, for instance, that an Izzo player would transfer here, walk-on or otherwise. The player would know that Izzo would regard that as betrayal, whereas Beilein doesn’t appear to be put out by such things.