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“Big Ten Discussion Thread”

I will be rooting for OSU and Dakich in the tournament as long as they are not playing against Michigan. I like Purdue’s team too. Sorry.


Ah yeah, lets start up the same argument that went way off the rails again. What could go wrong?

Backup point guard isn’t Michigan’s problem. It certainly isn’t a strength, but this roster desperately needs playmaking off the bounce from the backcourt or the wing. Off the dribble jumpers, isolation play, shot clock scoring, etc. Dakich doesn’t change any of that.


At least it was (potentially) good for us that OSU beat PU. If we can beat OSU at home, that win will look that much better.


As someone who really has always valued the Big Ten regular season, it is absolutely criminal that the three best teams in the league only play each other once.


It’s a shame. And it deprives us of good basketball games.

A lot of seemingly weird schedule quirks. MSU doesn’t go to UM, PU, Neb, or PSU - 4 of the top 5 teams besides themselves. Neb doesn’t get OSU, PU, or MSU at home. Maybe inevitable with so many teams and only 18 games. Not really good for anyone though.


NEB has single plays against the top 6 teams other than them. Ridiculous.


Rarely do you get snarky, Dylan, but that one speaks volumes.


I have probably said that 100x in this thread or on Twitter, not really sure how it is snarky. Just stands out the week that 2 of the 3 games are taking place.


Agree to disagree that backup point guard isn’t Michigan’s problem. The fact that we are forced to play Simpson for entire games despite his lack of shot creation ability is a huge issue. And yes, shot creation is the bigger issue but Simmons was brought in to be a quality shot creator and his failure to give the team anything positive this year is possibly the biggest reason this team has a limited ceiling.


Can we all agree that not even Dakich thought that Dakich would be the #2 PG on this year’s team and move on with our lives?


Move on just because you not like the debate? Doesn’t make sense. This is a discussion about big ten basketball, it’s relevent and people enjoy discussing it. You can choose not to if you’d like, doesn’t mean we need to talk about something else.

@umhoops - Your argument makes no sense whatsoever. Beacause it isn’t a main problem on our team, means having him in a spot of need wouldn’t help?He would help this team in way more ways than the box score. He was a huge help to players in previous years with getting them in the right spots and understanding how defenses weas goin to play them. He understood scouting reports VERY well and was critical in the locker room.


Yeah, I don’t think anyone has a burden to prove that Dakich would solve “The Problem” of our team. Dakich would have helped us be a better team, in my opinion, and that is sufficient for acknowledging that wishing Dakich was still here is not an unreasonable wish. The opinion of Dakich relative to Brooks and Simmons, is admittedly based upon hindsight but I no longer even think it should be a controversial opinion, as JMiller has suggested.

Reasonable minds can disagree, however. No biggie.


Dakich isn’t that good and wouldn’t be playing on this team. The only reason he provides any semblance of production for OSU is because A. They literally don’t have anyone else and B. Teams don’t even guard him half the time.

Purdue was giving him zero respect and he got a wide open layup late in the game because of it. If teams gave Eli and Jarron no respect and left them uncovered or only applied token pressure, I’m sure they could provide the minimal production that Dakich is providing at OSU.

Beilein saw him play for 4 years. He wasn’t suddenly going to think Dakich was some key piece in the rotation this year. He would have played the same role as the leader of the bench mob and the human victory cigar. The year that Spike and Walton got hurt we got to see Dakich get plenty of run for this team and that season was a disaster.

I like Dakich as a kid. Good teammate. Loved his podcast with Duncan. But he isn’t quick, isn’t a great ballhandler and isn’t a good athlete. He can make a wide open shot and pass the ball to teammates, but most D1 college basketball players can do that.


I literally didn’t say any of that. Dakich left because Dakich was leaving and had planned on leaving all of last year. He wanted to play as a senior.

Jaaron Simmons was brought in because Michigan thought he could provide some of that playmaking abiltiy the roster desperately lacks. He hasn’t. Eli Brooks hasn’t. Zavier Simpson hasn’t but has been very good in some other ways.

My final point was that the role Dakich plays on OSU, he wouldn’t really be able to play on this roster. The Buckeyes don’t have the same problem in terms of lack of ability to make plays off the dribble.

Dakich is using 11% of possesions only Tum Tum and McRoberts at Indiana are using fewer. Michigan needs a guy who can use possessions.


I don’t care what percent of possessions he uses. It makes you a good player due to what percent of possessions you use? That makes such little sense. The kid hustles, works hard, makes open shots, Knows the plays, helps teammates with scouting reports and understanding how defenses play. Tell me one player we currently have that can help teammates with those things. Because I know a player on the team personally and there isn’t one. And Matthews isn’t one either, he’s struggled in that area himself. It’s much different a coach telling you something from the sideline and being out on the court with a huge ho can see things that help you out.

Also, next time you see dakich, ask him if he would’ve stayed if the coaches offered him the scholarship. Because I already have and know the answer to that question. I love Beilein more now than I ever have, but letting dakich walk and bringing in Simmons was one of the bigger mistakes he’s made.

Using tum tum is a rather poor decision. Kid brings a hell of a lot of things to MSU that don’t show up on the box score. It’s like Robinson, he brings us absolutely nothing unless he’s making 3s. There’s a HUGE difference in those types of players. One will only help in he box score(hitting 3s) and one will do damn near everything you need and be leader without the no score reflecting that.


I think your first thought is right. Simmons hasn’t worked out, maybe we’d be better off with Dakich, but it was the right choice at the time. The second thought is outcome bias.


I just can not agree with calling that a mistake. It was the correct move at the time with the information that was available which is all that you can ask someone to do. You can’t ask them to look into the future and see Jaaron struggling.


No doubt it was he right choice at the time. I’m looking st how the season has played out and it was a bad decision.


It’s only a mistake in hindsight. If we could ignore how each have done this season, and I told this board that we could have Simmons over Dakich and JB chose Dakich, everyone would be falling over themselves to say what a collossal mistake it was.

Either way, Dakich would not be taking any of Simpson’s minutes, at least no more than Brooks or Simmons do, so not sure why it’s even a big deal.


I know that. I’m talking about how things have played out. No, we can’t change the past or see the future. But saying dakich isn’t an upgrade over Simmons from what we have seen is just plain wrong.