Big Ten Discussion


I never noticed Haas being a dirty player at all. I will take a closer look in the future though. Maybe I just missed it…


I can’t stand Haas as opposition…but it’s only because he’s so big and seemingly unguardable. I get frustrated. Doesn’t seem like a cheap player to me though.


Just want to say dirty doesn’t mean malicious. I don’t think Haas is malicious when he plays, but I do think he has a tendency to make some dirty plays. Being big isn’t a great argument, he needs to know the damage he can do by being big and making some of the plays he does.

Here’s an example, of our game and his foul against Matthews. It’s at the 5:58 point:

Your 7’2" leaving your feet (before Matthews made the decision to attempt to pump fake). To me, that’s a dirty foul for someone his size.


Musa Jallow went 3-of-4 and Andrew Wesson went 3-of-5 from deep vs. Purdue. Both guys are shooting worse than 30 percent on the year after those performances.


I kind of agree. Either you crunch someone like that to make a point or you show some remorse/help the guy up


Seemed like a totally normal play by Haas to me. He just anticipated Matthews going up and Matthews did not. Big guys like Haas don’t want to risk landing on a player, effectively being undercut, and risk possibly getting injured any more than smaller guys want to have a giant land on them.


I disagree.


Just a matter of differing opinions. I disagree with those that disagree, but no biggie.


I hate to say it but, this year, I find, most of the Big Ten teams/ players to be pretty likable. Except for MSU of course. Hoping Purdue metaphorically “crushes” Izzo and family.


Purdue was 8-15 from three minus Thompson’s 0-5.

So surprised OSU has won the last two without Williams.


I remember MAAR ending up on the ground after a clean Haas block and rather than join the fastbreak Haas went to the baseline and helped up MAAR. After that I couldn’t say anything negative about how he plays.


Hahaha, pretty funny. It seems I had a discussion a few weeks back with a few others for whom that concept didn’t make much sense! Gosh, that Dakich is bad! :grinning:


Huge difference. This is an actual debate with constructive reasoning about opinions of Haas’ play. I don’t think if Haas has another single game or play where he’s a bit too physical due to his size that MaizeBlue10 is going to smugly run back here to revisit an argument to try act like his point is made.


Okay, I’m down on my knees to apologize, Silverblue. Now I just have to hunt up that guy who said we weren’t beating anyone comfortably and do the same thing.


I don’t think silverblue is “trying” to “act like” there was merit in his suggestion about Dakich several weeks ago. Dakich’s play and OSU’s record is supporting silverblue’s assessment, imo. I was wondering just the other day why the forum hasn’t revisited that debate now that we have seen Dakich more and also witnessed more of our own point guard play.


I can’t bring myself to watch any of Wisconsin/Illinois after watching Duke/UNC. Godspeed to those of you who do!


[edit: The Dakich] argument was predicated on this notion that people who said Dakich wouldn’t have made an impact here somehow were saying he was a bad person or didn’t have effort. It was rather sad, to be honest. I respect @MaizeBlue10 and while I don’t necessarily agree without him here, I highly doubt he’d say something as irrational as that.


I thought the main point of contention was whether or not Dakich would have made an impact on our team. The side show argument was whether or not we should criticize players.

Anyway, after seeing Dakich play more and watching Brooks and Simmons play more I believe Dakich would be playing 10-12 minutes per game for us. I am not putting Brooks and Simmons down when I make that assessment, rather I am of the opinion that Dakich is, this year, showing that he is can be a much more effective player, than I ever thought he could be. Relative to my prior expectations Dakich is killing it. Happy for Dakich!


There really is no debate anymore. Simmons can’t stop stumbling over his own feet and dakich is playing 15+ minutes a game on the first place team in the big ten. If anyone argues that he wouldn’t be the best backup PG option on our current team, they must not know basketball too well. You don’t have to fill up the box score to make a Positive impact on a game and dakich always hustles, brings positive energy and runs the offense very well. I’m very happy for him and knowing how things have turned out, wish he was still on our team. In the off-season, going with Simmons was the right choice because his ceiling was thought by everyone to be higher. That has turned out to be absolutely incorrect.


All you guys falling all over Dakich need to go root for OSU. He chose not to be here. Why is this a discussion.