Big Ten Discussion


I’d use the word “share” not “lose”


OSU has only one conference loss, no?


And still has to play at PSU, at Michigan and at Indiana. I’d be shocked if they don’t drop one of those games.




Carsen Edwards is going CRAZY


Taking a look at the conference schedules for the second-tier of the B1G (maybe I should’ve included NW, idk):

Michigan: Purdue x2, OSU x2, @MSU@Nebraska, @PSU
Nebraska: @Purdue, @OSU, @MSU…vs Michigan, PSU x2
PSU: @Purdue, @MSU, OSUx2…vs Michigan, Nebraska x2

  1. Michigan had the most chances at statement wins. Painfully close to 4-0 in those games, plus the remaining OSU game. Instead, by an average of 4.5pt margin of defeat, we are 1-3. We’ve been in some rockfights with lesser teams, but we’ve also given the the top tier a run for their money in every game; largest defeat to a top 3 team was by 9 @OSU, and that was after giving up a 20(?) point lead.

  2. It’s been stated a few times already, but Nebraska is in the strangely perfect position to have a weak 4th-place resume. Only had to play the big guys 3 times (all on the road is pretty terrible luck, tho), and their single play against the second-tier was a home game, against Michigan.

  3. PSU has true spoiler potential. Are 1-1 against the top tier, and 1-0 (vs Nebraska) against the second tier. So they still have 4 games to play against the top 5 teams (OSU and Mich at home, Purdue and Nebraska away)


Heck of an effort by Ohio State down the stretch. Purdue’s weakness is small ball lineups.


This stupid Beilein transfer curse is officially real. How on earth is Ohio State about to share the big ten title this year.


Purdue is a different team when they’re not hitting their threes.


They shot 40% tonight too so it wasn’t too bad…but yes it definitely felt like an off night. Crazy



Another crazy way to view this…

Andrew Dakich is playing 20 minutes per game in conference play for a team that is about to win the big ten.

This makes no sense to me at all


What a theft of a game by OSU. The Michigan grad transfer curse is real…


Technically 38% ha but yes close enough. (Edit: stats updated slow on me, yes exactly 40%!)


OSU bailed out by a couple of scrubs balling out, Wesson and Jallow going 6/9 from 3. Ughhh, we could’ve beat Purdue twice if they would’ve just played at a mortal level.

Edit: I do want to credit OSU’s defense, though. While I think they caught Purdue on a mortal night, OSU’s defense really was consistently impressive; Purdue needed a berserk game from C. Edwards.


OSU with a legit chance to win the conference now. Purdue from that long win streak to probably third place in their conference haha


Also, I called it out way back in the game thread when Michigan played at Mackey.

Haas is a dirty player. Even if he isn’t meaning to be dirty, you have to have control of your body. He almost injured Matthews because he has no control and Tate almost as well.


I have a tough time with the “Haas is dirty” takes because he’s so damn big. Hard not to make plays that look dirty when you are that much bigger and stronger than everyone else. Was that play a foul when he decked Tate? Of course, but I don’t think it was anything where he meant to hurt him.


My response would be the guy doesn’t play physical whatsoever when going for rebounds. He’s a terrible rebounder for his size. Yet, he’ll be physical when fouling opposing players.

I understand those aren’t directly correlated, but my point is I think he understands what he’s doing. This isn’t someone who’s big and playing physical on both ends. He only chooses to get physical when fouling.

If you watch his foul on Matthews, he’s jumping into Matthews AND swings his arms down on the way down. Cmon, you can’t be doing that when you are that big. You know what you’re doing.


I don’t find it easy to get mad at Haas. The guy is inert, expressionless, like a lump of clay. I do think a certain kind of large person enjoys falling on people rather than the floor, and gets a certain pleasure out of crushing you (there was a girl in my grade school who did that). But I don’t see it rising to the level of malicious intent. Do you think he’s mobile enough to do much more than ride the bench in the NBA?