Big Ten Discussion


Up to #20 in the AP Poll.

Huge week ahead. A lot more worried about tomorrow night than at the Kohl Center on Sunday. However, I do think Michigan will be well prepared to tackle that Northwestern semi-matchup zone. Hopefully they can win it again on defense if the shots aren’t falling.


Ranked higher than we ever were in the three years of the Walton/Irvin-led era. Crazy


Isn’t it? It’s crazy how little feel we have for this team yet here they are at #20 and as you mentioned, ranked higher than the Walton/Irvin led team.

One of Beilein’s better years so far, to this point in the season, but truly doesn’t feel that way right now.


Penn State up to 44 on KenPom and 40 on Bart Torvik. Maryland 39 on KenPom and 38 on Torvik. Both sites now have Michigan as the underdog. Both those teams are tournament caliber, just without the resume to show for it so they will both be gunning for Michigan.


I just have a feeling. Let’s hope those shots start falling! I sure hope the kids aren’t looking at rankings, though! We just don’t need to do that.


Penn State and Maryland are both good teams. Having to play them on their floors, and knowing how they’ll be coming after us, it’s gonna be tough.


With you on that. Wish he would have saved Matta’s job. Undisciplined me me me ball on offense, the teams of the last years seemed almost defeatist against everyone not us, so very sad to see him go.


Holtmann is doing a good job, but getting rid of JaQuan Lyle and getting Bates-Diop back is such a huge addition over last year’s team.



Give me MSU - 10 and Nebraska +4 tonight. I’d stay far away from the Michigan/NW game because of how much trouble UM has had at NW in the past (I know it is at All State, but still).


Pshhhhh, don’t be a wuss. Michigan by 10! Bet your house!


FWIW, 67% of bets have been placed on Nebraska, yet the line has moved from Minn -1 to -3.5. That tells me sharp $$ is on Minnesota. Not saying that Nebraska won’t cover, but the line is very fishy.


Let’s go Minnesota! Expecting Jelly Fam to follow his performance against us with a much more normal 30% shooting game


Yeah. Definitely feels fishy.


Iowa’s offense has been great and its defense has been terrible. All of the points in Iowa City, but looks like this one is up for grabs late.



Dang, Minny gonna come up short of helping us out. Really wish we got Nebraska at home


The Nebraska NCAA politicking over the next few weeks is going to be intense. Cornhuskers playing well and cruising toward an impressive league record, but are 0-5 in NCAA Tier 1 games and won’t play another one until the Big Ten Tournament.


Nonetheless, they are playing a lot better than UM right now and I wouldn’t want to play them.


Big week for Purdue. Could pretty much guarantee the regular season conference title if they beat OSU. If they lose both games this week, they could lose the title.

I think they go 1-1 with a win tonight and a loss in East Lansing.