Big Ten Discussion


I guess the only way you can stay in a game in which your are less than 30% from the field is if you haul in nearly 30 offensive boards.


Bates Diop.



Guess we’ll get to see how Dakich handles extended minutes today.


Was going to say that Illinois looking like they could pull an upset, but OSU finished the half on a 13-0 run to go up by 4


Not too well so far. He sure does try hard though.


Illinois yo 4 with about 6 to go. Think OSU pulls it out though.


Bates-Diop with 35 and 13 . . . man. Matta must be beside himself wondering what last year would have been like with him healthy.


OSU was trending downwards under Matta. Bates-Diop would have certainly made them better last year but I think they would have had another 10-11 won conference record. Matta would have probably kept his job, so I wish he was healthy last year. And it would be Bates-Diop’s senior year this year.


I have to imagine this is his last year. His NBA stock’s not going to get any higher.


What is his stock? I’m not seeing him around the first in any mocks, but I only looked at 3.


I don’t know, but it’s not going to get higher (though it could go down), and this is his fourth year of college so he’s probably close to graduation. I’d be pretty surprised if he were to stay.


Wisconsin gave Maryland a scare on the road but finally went down. UW is 10-15 but still playing pretty hard. We should win that game but it’s not a gimme.


Yeah, I would be surprised if he stays but with looking at mocks, I would think it’d have more to do with him graduating than the NBA. No reason to come back unless he wants a chance at more trophies and establishing himself further in Buckeye lore.


The Big Ten season has been pretty boring in general. Lots of games trending towards upsets and very few actual upsets.

And to add to that, apparently Kenpom keeps track of miscellaneous conference stuff now and the Big Ten is 31st out of 32 conferences in close game percentage.


Bates-Diop is gonna be a late first, probably in the 20s based on recent mocks


What mocks did you look at? Draft Xpress got bought by ESPN so that’s a valuable free service we lost.


27 on the DX Big Board


21 at The Athletic


Yeah that sucks about DraftExpress. Aside from just having people tell me where he is on draftexpress, I follow a couple people on Twitter/listen to
podcasts that all mention him in the 20s