Big Ten Discussion


Ugh! Been busy. We will get back at it this weekend.


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That is a fair point about other conferences. The Pac 12 and SEC probably don’t have a deep bench of coaches but I miss the days of there being a debate on which conference was the best, Big 10 or ACC, and those days are long gone.

I guess the main crux of my complaint about Big 10 coaches is of those bottom seven I don’t see much upside for any of them, at least a guy like Underwood you can squint and see a brighter future.

Thanks for the response and you are right, things would look a lot different if Indiana and Illinois were tourney or at least bubble teams (is Wisconsin really a blue blood Big 10 school?). I was just curious if I was being unnecessarily pessimistic about the state of Big 10 coaching or not.


Saw this the other day…


When IU and OSU decided to give their coaches the heave-ho, I was surprised at how close to the top of the longevity list Beilein had reached - I’m just trying to deny the passage of time, I guess. But it really, really underscores the shift in coaching experience in the league.

Back in 2013 when we bombed Florida into the stone age, it gave the conference five coaches with Final Four experience. Minnesota promptly fired theirs because they are a bunch of goophers after all, but the following year Bo Ryan joined the club. You have to go back to 2007 to find a year when the B1G season started with fewer than four teams led by coaches with Final Four experience. Now it’s just the two Mitten State sexagenarians.


Thanks for the link, I actually agree with most of that list. I don’t know anything about the writer or in general, but I applaud the author for not ranking the in state Holtman above Turgeon despite Holtmans really good first year.

I saw Chambers and Miles at the bottom of the list and my initial reaction was that can’t be right, but looking at the rest of the list it actually seems reasonable, putting my extreme disdain for Pitino and Collins aside.


That’s interesting that it is down to just Beilein and Izzo.

So that begs the question, who do you think is the next Big 10 coach to take a team to the Final Four? Does Painter get it done this year, if not, who has the big tournament breakthrough first Holtmann or Miller?


Luck always plays into it a bit during the tournament, but I have been really impressed with Purdue. I think Painter makes the Final Four this year.


If any team besides Michigan is to break the B1G championship streak, I hope it’s Purdue this year.


Definitely Steve Pikiell.

I kid, I kid. Painter has a real good shot, but - I think this tournament is going to be pretty wacky. I’m sure their fan base is hoping they don’t run into a team that likes to press…

You’re right that Holtmann and Miller have to be the front-runners for next man up; based on recruiting I’d give Miller the edge, but Holtmann seems to know what he’s doing.


@gobluemd16 Michigan -8 in the 2nd half…


Oof. Or not. LOL.


Rutgers takes Purdue to the wire at home.


MSU -8 tonight at Indiana. Think we see a big performance from them.


Just seeing this post now, but we were on the same wavelength. I took M -8 at half too and felt great about it!


Penn State plays games like this where they look like a NCAA-quality team. Obviously talented.

Then you look back at their KenPom profile and remember they lost to Wisconsin, Rider and Minnesota at home and lost at Maryland, Minnesota and Northwestern.

Feels like a waste of talent, because they have some really talented pieces.


No consistent flow offensively and Chambers reticent to discipline selfishness.

Arguably may have three future Pros in starting five.


Texas goes on a 10-0 run to go 4 up on OU with 3:32 to play.


UCLA made a comeback against USC late to help us out a bit as well.


Indiana’s rebounding numbers are insane.